Business heavily fined after employee crushed in accident at work

by Redmans Solicitors April 17, 2014 Accident Claims Law

A Scottish company has been heavily fined after a Health and Safety Executive investigation found that breaches of health and safety standards had caused serious injuries to a worker. The Angus-based company was fined £10,000 by a Scottish court after a worker was crushed whilst in the course of employment in November 2012, causing him […]

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Woman awaits sentencing after clearing ex-partners house of all belongings

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 15, 2014 Law

According to press reports recently, a woman from Swindon is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of theft for emptying out her ex-partner’s house of all belongings, including carpets. According to the report, the woman arranged for a removal company to strip the property bare after discovering that her partner had been using various internet […]

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Long Service Advance Of Pay: Eligibility Requirements

by Tim Bishop April 10, 2014 Military Law

Life serving in military is hard enough with the lengthy periods away from loved ones adding to the physical and emotional strain that is inevitable from military service. In light of this it can be very frustrating for members of the armed forces when confronted with the further problems encountered when trying to find a […]

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Printing costs 3–6 % of average law firm revenue. How to reduce without capital outlay…

by Alex Hutchinson April 9, 2014 Law firm management

Printing costs are 3–6 % of the average law firm/professional services organisation’s revenue (source: Gartner). Alex Hutchinson of UK-wide legal supplier TBA Group explains that this significant spend should be targeted, understood, and optimised by any legal practice aiming to improve profitability, particularly where law firms are still having to cut out any unnecessary extra […]

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ACAS early conciliation service launches

by Redmans Solicitors April 9, 2014 Employment Law

As of 6 April 2014, ACAS have launched their new “early conciliation” service for claimants. Under the early conciliation scheme, from 6 April 2014 potential claimants in the Employment Tribunal may engage with ACAS before issuing their claim in order to attempt to settle their outstanding claim(s). This scheme is non-compulsory from 6 April to […]

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‘Rights of Custody’ Important Child Abduction Case in Supreme Court

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 7, 2014 Law

An important Child Abduction case will be considered by the Supreme Court  tomorrow. The Supreme Court will consider “Rights of Custody” in the context of  grandparents who were caring for the child in question, by agreement with the  mother of the child, who then abruptly ended the arrangement and  relocated. Under the Hague Convention, which […]

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Emotional Cruelty to a Child May Become a Criminal Offence

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 3, 2014 Law

The Government is currently considering whether to introduce ‘emotional cruelty to a child’ as a new criminal offence. Current law, which is over 80 years old, focuses on the physical effects of abuse only to a child. Physical abuse is of course much easier to identify than emotional harm which may be why nothing has […]

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Has Social Media Made The Litigation World A Smaller Place?

by Vannin Capital April 1, 2014 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Instant global communication and easy access to vast sources of potential evidence: such are the two main tools that social media offers to the world of litigation. Thus, simultaneously social media has both shrunk and enlarged the litigation world. Taking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the largest social media platforms, the statistics speak for themselves. […]

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Your toe injury and the right to claim compensation

by Tim Bishop March 31, 2014 Compensation Lawyers

It’s a matter of balance; without toes, due to amputation or with a toe injury it is much harder to stay upright, change direction when you are running and walking or wear most close fitting footwear. A toe injury puts you at a discernable physical disadvantage whilst it heals and if it is a serious […]

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Firm heavily fined after serious accident at work

by Redmans Solicitors March 25, 2014 Employment Law

A Staffordshire firm has been heavily fined after a worker suffered serious injuries as a result of a workplace accident, according to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”). The unidentified worker – who asked not to be identified by the HSE – was working for Thomas Bolton Limited when the accident occurred […]

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Should Law Firms change to a New Fully Managed Print Service?

by Alex Hutchinson March 25, 2014 Business

A large % of the Law Firms we work with are called, on a daily basis, by salespeople trying to tell them why they should change their Printers to a New Fully Managed Print Service (whether they take the call or not is a different matter but they receive the calls non the less!) “We […]

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High Profile Litigation Cases

by Vannin Capital March 18, 2014 Law

Over the past two years London has been establishing its place as the location of choice for the resolution of high profile commercial cases. The High Court here has been the arbitrator of a wide range of commercial disputes, ranging from private client disputes, and including big-ticket commercial claims. Banking cases are unsurprisingly prominent, bearing […]

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Polish labourer wins Employment Tribunal claim after being told to “go back to your country”

by Redmans Solicitors March 18, 2014 Law

A Polish labourer has won his Employment Tribunal claim against his former employer after he was subjected to racially- and religiously-discriminatory comments and unfairly dismissed. Mr Daniel Brzezinski, of Polish national origin, worked for Alan, Lee, and Dale Edgar (trading as “Edgar Contracts”) from March 2011 until he was dismissed in January 2013. He subsequently […]

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I Received a Target Letter And It’s Not About Shopping… What Now?

by MayberryLawFirm March 12, 2014 Criminal Law

I can’t imagine very much is more terrifying for someone than receiving a letter from a United States Attorney’s Office letting them know they are under the microscope of the Federal government for suspicion of a crime.  Quite frankly, even as a Federal criminal attorney when I hear of this happening there is an element […]

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Survery Says Cohabitation Before Marriage Does Not Cause Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Family Law

According to a new scientific survey, cohabitation before marriage does not affect a couple’s prospects of getting divorced. The study was carried out by sociologist Arielle Kuperberg from the University of Carolina and involved comparing relationships using the length of time that couples had lived together before marriage, instead of the age when they moved […]

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4 Things to Know Before Suing for Personal Injury

by Eloise Hamilton March 11, 2014 Law

(US Law) If you’ve been injured recently, you might be thinking about suing the other person for personal injury. Depending on the nature of the injury and how you’ve been affected, this response is natural; however, you’ll want to know a few key legal points before going through with the lawsuit. via Image credit: MeddyGarnet […]

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The Dangers of DIY Surrogacy Arrangements

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Law

Many news outlets have reported on the outcome of DIY surrogacy arrangements gone wrong, and warned of the dangers of informal surrogacy. The couple used the husband’s sperm to inseminate a family friend at home, without the assistance of a registered clinic or surrogacy agreement. They then failed to apply for a parental order within […]

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The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

by Zelick Glimelstein March 7, 2014 Clinical medical negligence

When it comes to hiring a medical malpractice attorney, what kind of questions run through your mind?  What type of feedback have you heard from your family members, friends, and work colleagues?  Do you buy into the hype that medical malpractice lawsuits are almost always impossible to win?  If you do, it’s high time you […]

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Firm fined over £250,000 after death of worker

by Redmans Solicitors March 4, 2014 Personal Injury

A London firm has been ordered to pay over £250,000 in fines and costs after a worker was killed by a large concrete beam falling on him whilst he was working on a construction project. Bouygues UK Limited has been fined over £250,000 after one of its workers was killed in the accident at work […]

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Right To Manage: How To Gain Management Control Of Your Building

by Tim Bishop March 2, 2014 Property Law

If you live in a block of leasehold flats in the UK but don’t own the freehold, you may have experienced several problems over the years, whether it’s small things not getting fixed, the flats falling into disrepair, or simply trying to communicate with the landlord or managing agents when a reply is not forthcoming. […]

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The Personal Injury Whiplash Backlash

by James Scott February 25, 2014 Accident Claims

If you are one of the unfortunate people who become involved in a car accident and are genuinely injured, suffering whiplash or other personal injury, the way forward to making an adequate claim for compensation is now more difficult. The rules and regulations have changed and are still in a state of constant amendment. In […]

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What to Do If You Have Questions on the Paternity of Your Child

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers February 22, 2014 Law

The research also suggests that there is notable difference between geographical areas, with certain areas exhibiting higher rates of doubt than others. As we have explained on a previous blog DIY Paternity Tests – Do You Know The Facts? anyone who is concerned about the paternity of a child can undertake a DNA test if it […]

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Don’t Drive Into Jail Parking Lot When Drunk

by Zelick Glimelstein February 21, 2014 Accident Claims

When you’ve been out drinking all night, make sure you drive into a jail parking lot on your way home. Why? Well, it seems to be the place to go for at least two Florida residents. Law enforcement loves it when people who have had too much to drink, drive their vehicle to the county […]

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Pre-Death Will & Trust Contests: Should They Be Allowed?

by David Faltz February 20, 2014 Trusts

(US law & generally) Can – and should – a will or trust be challenged before the settlor dies? Different states across the United States respond differently to this question. Conventionally, a will is not operative until death; therefore, it cannot be offered for probate while the testator is still alive. In the past, courts […]

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UK Child Sex Abuse Trafficking Doubles: Who’s To Blame?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers February 20, 2014 Law

The National Crime Agency today confirmed that the number of UK-born children thought to have been trafficked for sexual exploitation more than doubled last year. It’s unclear whether they were being taken out of the country or moved within the UK. People were thought to have been trafficked for various reasons, including sexual exploitation and […]

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