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Bannatyne Divorce: honesty is the best policy

by Legal Author December 23, 2015 Divorce

Despite attempts to conceal the news, it has come to light that former Dragon’s Den star, Duncan Bannatyne, misled the Family Court by giving false evidence during his second divorce in 2012. The I’m a Celebrity star thought to be worth £187m made false declarations over the value of a severance package drawn up for […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Mooting for Law Students – How to Moot Effectively

by Legal Author September 26, 2015 Law School

This ultimate guide to mooting provides essential advice & tips on how to moot. Brought to you by former mooting veterans Graham Kerr, Mark McAuley, David Kerr and Gavin Ward. Public speaking is an important skill, especially in today’s world. Throughout your time at university there is the constant lingering menace of having to do […]

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Proposed Pharmacy legislation – Is a change in legislation needed?

by Legal Author June 22, 2015 Clinical medical negligence

Medication mistakes by pharmacists and chemists happen more frequently than you probably think. A new law change proposed by the UK government could help pharmacists and chemists avoid facing criminal procedure if they prescribe patients the wrong medication. Providing the errors are recorded, pharmacists can continue working without the fear of legal action. We look […]

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5 reasons why young commercial lawyers may want to consider an in-house solicitor position

by Legal Author June 22, 2015 Legal Careers

In-house solicitor jobs were formerly considered to be mainly for those who wanted an alternative legal career path outwith the more common role of a lawyer within a law firm. Now, in-house lawyer jobs are becoming much more popular. Here are five reasons why young lawyers may want to consider hunting for a job as […]

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The Job Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer: Beyond What Hollywood Shows

by Legal Author January 16, 2014 Criminal Law

For many people, the role of a criminal defense lawyer is the stuff of Hollywood. Shows like Law and Order or CSI and movies like The Devil’s Advocate love to portray defense lawyers as being unscrupulous, able to find loopholes at the last minute to free their client or having a vendetta against the prosecution. […]

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Online Privacy In The Workplace

by Legal Author January 15, 2014 Privacy

The issue of privacy and online presence has been at the forefront of many debates over the past year as many more employers and others are using the information found online as a way of gauging a person or perhaps even disciplining their actions. This is a legal issue as many of those posts, pictures, […]

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How a degree in law can lead a bright future in any industry

by Legal Author September 30, 2013 Legal Careers

How can a law degree can lead to a bright future in any industry? This post explains the importance of staying positive. Since the financial crisis of 2008 there hasn’t been much good news for graduates. But as the results of a recent survey have revealed, it looks like things are taking a turn for […]

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Using Social Media whilst Driving is Banned in Louisiana

by Legal Author August 28, 2013 Social Media

The beginning of August this year saw the state of Louisiana introduce a plethora of new laws. One of these novel laws concerns the use of mobile phones whilst driving. The state already had laws in place that banned the act of texting whilst driving. However, this law did not address the act of using […]

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First Class Law Dissertation: To what extent has Article 6(1) ECHR innovated upon the existing principles of natural justice in administrative law in the UK?

by Legal Author August 12, 2013 Law Dissertation

We are pleased to welcome law graduate Rachael Johnston as she publishes her first class law dissertation entitled: “  To what extent has Article 6(1) ECHR innovated upon the existing principles of natural justice in administrative law in the UK?”. Connect with Rachael Johnston on LinkedIn here. If you’d like your law dissertation or high […]

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What Are The Laws Relating To Abortion In Australia

by Legal Author July 31, 2013 Family Law

(Guest post) Abortion is a complicated issue that understandably, has led to some complicated laws around the world. In Australia, abortion laws are governed on a state by state basis, though abortion is legal in some circumstances everywhere in the country. What circumstances an abortion may be performed under, how this is funded and until […]

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Where There Isn’t A Will – There’s A Problem

by Legal Author July 2, 2013 Wills

The old saying goes that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” However, when it comes to a legal will the lack of this document can mean major problems. Making a will is something that many people don’t like to think about. The end of life isn’t pleasant to contemplate, but a will is vital […]

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$170,000 In Overtime Back Wages For 314 Painters And Sandblasters In Port Arthur, Texas

by Legal Author June 27, 2013 Employment Law

Workers in Port Arthur, Texas suspected that they had been underpaid for their overtime work, and after an investigation, there appears to have been some truth to that suspicion. The employees had aggregated over six figures of back wages from their hard labor work due to alleged violations of federal law. Performance Blasting and Coating […]

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What Are The Legal Rights Of Medical Marijuana Patients?

by Legal Author June 26, 2013 Law

(US law/general) The legalization of medical marijuana has created a number of complex legal issues on both the state and federal levels. The laws prevent the prosecution of people who have a recognized medical condition and who have conformed to the laws of the state. This often includes registering with a central agency and carrying […]

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Are Law School Applications Giving You A Headache? Here Are Some Things To Ease Your Pain

by Legal Author June 25, 2013 Law

Do you have an attention to detail and want to make a difference in people’s lives? You might want to consider going back to school for a law degree. Law has been practiced since Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece, and it is paramount to any civilized society. The laws that govern how society functions ensure […]

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5 Things NOT To Do When Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

by Legal Author June 25, 2013 Criminal Law

Being pulled over and accused of a DUI/DWI charge can be a stressful and intimidating affair, especially when you’re sober. Regardless of your situation, there are many steps you should take to handle the situation with the highest levels of composure, patience, and aplomb. However, many people make mistakes and aren’t aware of their rights […]

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5 Copyright Traps You Never Knew About

by Legal Author June 24, 2013 Copyright Law

credit: MrGluSniffer Copyright law can be a brutal and mercenary field. Intellectual property holders are constantly in a struggle to protect their content from unauthorized sharing or duplication by third parties, and an ever-expanding arsenal has developed to combat the eroding of IP rights. One of the lesser-known weapons in this arsenal is the “copyright […]

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Legal Matters You Should Know as a Website Owner

by Legal Author June 18, 2013 Law

Post outlining legal matters you should know about as a website owner (US law and generally). Just because you have your own website does not mean you have complete freedom. Posting on the World Wide Web brings on a whole set of legal issues and, oftentimes, a puzzling and complex contract. Be an informed website […]

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How much do lawyers make? Legal Salary Survey 2013 infographic published

by Legal Author June 10, 2013 Legal Careers

Wondering how much lawyers are making in 2013? UK recruitment specialists Sellick Partnership have recently published their key findings from the 2013 salary survey for the legal sector in an infographic (see below). In a rapidly changing legal market in the UK, legal salaries have shown little signs of improvement in the past three years. […]

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How to Make A Personal Injury Claim

by Legal Author June 5, 2013 Accident Claims Law

When disaster strikes and you find yourself injured through no fault of you own, the stresses of temporary disability and the inability to work can be overwhelming. Don’t forget that you may have the option of compensation. Making a personal injury claim is straightforward and can see you with financial reward that makes this difficult […]

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The Future of BigLaw – Who Will Lead the Way?

by Legal Author May 10, 2013 BigLaw

In his recent book, “Tomorrow’s Lawyers An Introduction to Your Future” Professor Susskind continues his predictions from his previous books, that consumers of legal services are forcing providers to change the way they deliver legal services. Susskind identifies three drivers for change in the legal market; the more for less challenge, liberalisation and technology. In […]

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Payroll legislation and laws in the UK – some of the key legal considerations

by Legal Author April 11, 2013 HR

Guest post regarding payroll legislation and laws in the UK, US and some of the advantages to using online payroll systems. In the UK there are many advantages of using online payslip software (advantages in respect of the United States are broadly similar and are outlined below) although the law underpinning this area is different […]

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America’s most bizarre laws (new infographic)

by Legal Author April 5, 2013 Law

Guest post, including an interesting infographic on some of the most bizarre laws in the US. Various American states would do themselves a favor to reconsider some of their silliest laws. Many were established long ago and merely seem ridiculous in our modern world, but others are strange any way you look at it. In […]

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The Rise In Cosmetic Surgery

by Legal Author April 4, 2013 Personal Injury

Post regarding the rise in cosmetic surgery and some of the risks, both practical and legal. It may seem like a quaint and old fashioned idea now, but there was a time when surgery was something which people tended to embark upon only as a last resort in the case of serious illness. Such were […]

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FTC Says Credit Report Errors Are “Significant”

by Legal Author April 3, 2013 Law

In a recently released Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report, researchers found that approximately 5 percent of U.S. consumers had errors on one of their three requested major credit reports. Those errors which are deemed “significant” can possibly affect potential auto loans or insurance costs, resulting in less than favorable loan terms if you, the consumer, […]

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Injured In The Workplace

by Legal Author March 28, 2013 Law

(Guest post from a US attorney and legal blogger) A person may suffer an injury anywhere, at any time. Even at a workplace, an employee can suffer an injury. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when injured in the workplace, irrespective of the cause or nature of the injury. No injury is too […]

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