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  • I have a case where a bank has taken possession of a residential property for non payment of mortgage payments, the bank now are sequestrating. The original action was £32k , however the bank want the whole of the debt and claim £1.2million although this is argued as the security was only £1.05million. The bank have never tried to market the property in two years and want sequestration of the debtor to seek to gain a parcel of adjoining premium land 44 acres unsecured.

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  • We recently launched an insurance policy that provides building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion. solicitors love it. Can anyone see a downside to it?

    It is a UK lender requirement that Buyers have building cover in place on exchange. this policy provides breathing time after exchange to search the market

  • Rebecca Bier

    my new neighbor, has been there 3 mos. and has called the police on me and my husband numerous times. witch are on true are lies. he has give me trespassing, my husband noise ordinance, my dog for barking, my friends for asking him to stop taken pic of him and his dad. my friends dad for asking him why he was taken pic of him.. also called APS told the police and other neighbors that we were manufacering meth. and running stolen mech. went around to all the neighbors and asked them to go to city hall and file complaints against us. told my neighbors he was going to run us out of our home. built a privacy fence but keeps going to the end of the fence taking pics of us and are house and friends that pull in. now we are havening the police sit down the street from our house 24/7. anyone that comes over when they leave they get pulled over and ? about what they are doing at our house. we tried calling the police asking them do asking them to do something about him taking pics of us. they said they cant he isn’t braking any laws. then he turns around and files harassment charges for harassing him about taken pics. is there nothing wrong with what he is doing?how do I stop it this guy? he is a retired MP from Texas. and don’t like me. the police have been at my house more then me here recently because of this neighbor from hell and they have only been able to give me citation after citation. is he not braking any laws?

  • Alesia Gossett

    What do u do when one adult is bulling another adult by spreading rumors that are not true