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Employee messaging, technology and the erosion of privacy?

by Matthew Pollock February 4, 2016 Employment Law

For reasons that shouldn’t be mysterious, many of us find the idea of our employers reading through our personal messages a little discomforting. The freedom to send the odd message from work to a friend or loved one, with the expectation that its contents remain private, is widely considered a vital one in an age […]

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EEOC: NYC Systematically Discriminates Against Minority Women

by Levine and Blit November 19, 2015 Employment Law

A finding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in response to a 2013 complaint on behalf of more than 1,000 current and former city workers by Local 1180 of the Communication Workers of America has found that New York City has spent the past decades discriminating against entry-level black and Hispanic female employees.  The […]

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The economic tort of inducing breach of contract

by Redmans Solicitors September 14, 2015 Employment Law

Economic torts under the law of England and Wales refer to the group of causes of actions that protect people from unlawful interference with their trade or business. There are five main sub-types of economic tort (although there are others): knowing inducement of breach of contract; causing loss by unlawful means; conspiracy; dishonest assistance in breach […]

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EEOC’s Sexual Orientation Ruling: The Legal Issue

by Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC August 12, 2015 Employment Law

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently came to the conclusion that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation is already illegal under federal law. At first, this seems like a huge step forward for the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community in the United States. Unfortunately for them, as of right now, the federal courts do […]

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Company director fined for illegally accessing EE’s databases

by Redmans Solicitors December 11, 2014 Employment Law

The Information Commissioner’s Office has reported that a company director has been heavily fined by the courts after he was found guilty of illegally accessing and using information belonging to another company. Mr Matthew Devlin, 25, was prosecuted by the ICO after he illegally gained access to Everything Everywhere’s (“EE”) customer database by pretending to […]

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Oldham manufacturer fined over £100,000 after death of worker

by Redmans Solicitors November 20, 2014 Employment Law

An Oldham manufacturing company has been ordered to pay over £100,000 in fines and costs after one of its employees was killed in a workplace accident. Refinery Supplies Limited, a business specializing in the manufacturing of kettles for the zinc and lead smelting industries, was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £125,000 by the […]

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Sentencing Council review publishes new guidance on health and safety offences

by Direct 2 Lawyers November 20, 2014 Employment Law

A Sentencing Council review has proposed that much tougher sentences for breaches of health and safety could be handed down. The Sentencing Council, which has no legislative powers itself, has recommended that tougher sentences be given for corporate manslaughter offences and that greater fines should be imposed on businesses where health and safety offences result in […]

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Tinder settles sexual harassment claim against co-founder of app firm

by Redmans Solicitors September 23, 2014 Employment Law

A company which owns the rights to a popular online dating “app” has settled a claim after one of the female co-founders alleged that she had been sexually harassed by her former boyfriend and colleague at the firm. Whitney Wolfe, 24, made her claim for sexual harassment against IAC, the company that owns the rights to […]

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Trainee chef loses sex discrimination claim against top Welsh restaurant

by Redmans Solicitors May 9, 2014 Employment Law

A teenager employed as a trainee chef at a prestigious Welsh restaurant has failed in her claims at an Employment Tribunal and has been criticized for the nature of her evidence. Ms Chloe Maisey, 19, worked as a trainee pastry chef at The Hardwick in Abergavenny for three months last year until she resigned from […]

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ACAS early conciliation service launches

by Redmans Solicitors April 9, 2014 Employment Law

As of 6 April 2014, ACAS have launched their new “early conciliation” service for claimants. Under the early conciliation scheme, from 6 April 2014 potential claimants in the Employment Tribunal may engage with ACAS before issuing their claim in order to attempt to settle their outstanding claim(s). This scheme is non-compulsory from 6 April to […]

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Firm heavily fined after serious accident at work

by Redmans Solicitors March 25, 2014 Employment Law

A Staffordshire firm has been heavily fined after a worker suffered serious injuries as a result of a workplace accident, according to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”). The unidentified worker – who asked not to be identified by the HSE – was working for Thomas Bolton Limited when the accident occurred […]

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Is your workplace PPE compliant? Five ways to find out!

by Francesca Holmes January 27, 2014 Employment Law

  In order to protect both your employees and your business, it’s essential for you to ensure that your company complies with the regulations surrounding health and safety. As well as exercising a decent helping of common sense, this requires members of your company to research what is asked of them by law. In a […]

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Company heavily fined after worker’s death

by Redmans Solicitors January 21, 2014 Employment Law

A Welsh company has been heavily fined after a worker died as a result of breaches of UK health and safety legislation. Mr Ahmet Yakar, 52, was struck by heavy falling boxes whilst he was working for Morganite Electrical Carbon Limited in Swansea on 19 July 2011. On the day in question Mr Yakar – […]

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Use of compromise agreements by school and council in Norfolk revealed

by Redmans Solicitors January 20, 2014 Employment Law

Find out more about compromise agreements/settlement agreements here. Post to follow.

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Employment Appeal Tribunal decision reinforces need for speed with appeals

by Redmans Solicitors January 13, 2014 Employment Law

A case reported by the Plymouth Herald demonstrates why individuals and businesses should seek legal advice and appeal Employment Tribunal judgments that they’re unhappy with straight away. The news report covers a recent Employment Tribunal claim made by Mr Martin Withers against The Glassblowing House Limited. The claim, apparently based on disability discrimination and an […]

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Partially-blind man told he can go ahead with Employment Tribunal claim

by Redmans Solicitors January 9, 2014 Employment Law

A partially-blind man has made a ‘whistleblowing’ claim in the Employment Tribunal after he alleged that he was dismissed last year because he had submitted complaints regarding health and safety in the workplace. Mr Alan Chalk, a former clinical support worker at Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, submitted his Employment Tribunal claim for […]

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Rail workers to claim compensation for unfair dismissal

by Harvey Harding January 8, 2014 Employment Law

An Employment Tribunal has ruled rail workers who lost their jobs when a large company went into administration were unfairly dismissed. Rail infra-structure company Jarvis collapsed in March 2010 resulting in over a thousand job losses. An Employment Tribunal in Leeds has decided that the dismissals by Jarvis Rail Ltd were unfair. It also ruled […]

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The Impact of Drug or Alcohol Abuse on Government Disability Cases

by Brad January 7, 2014 Blawg

(US law) Drug or alcohol use can potentially impact the outcome of a social security claim and will be determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA). A professional social security doctor or advocacy professional is recommended to explore individual claimants cases further. Contributing Factor? The Social Security Administration is required to evaluate whether or not an individual’s substance […]

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NHS worker wins unfair dismissal Employment Tribunal claim

by Redmans Solicitors December 30, 2013 Employment Law

A former hospital worker who was sacked from her job at the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust for a concerted period of sickness absence has won  her Employment Tribunal claim. Ms Karen Marsha, a former senior pharmacy technician at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, started working for the NHS Trust in 1980, but was forced […]

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Oil trader loses wrongful dismissal claim in High Court

by Redmans Solicitors December 16, 2013 Employment Law

A former oil trader at a well-known natural resource company has lost his High Court claim for wrongful dismissal and has been ordered to pay substantial costs. Mr Andrew Kearns, 38, was sacked by Glencore UK Limited in October 2010 after he failed to turn up to a series of business meetings on a business trip. […]

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E-cigarette firm to support worker’s unfair dismissal case

by Harvey Harding December 11, 2013 Employment Law

A worker could take his employers to an Employment Tribunal claiming unfair dismissal for smoking an e-cigarette while operating a truck. Paul Scott, of Carshalton, south London was fired from Viridor, the waste disposal company, in October. Mr Scott says he was smoking an E-Lites e-cigarette, something he thought he was allowed to do, but Viridor […]

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Employment tribunal victory for ‘harassment’ vicar

by Harvey Harding December 5, 2013 Employment Law

A vicar who claims he was the victim of harassment has won an Employment Tribunal which could have a huge impact on the way the Church of England treats its clergy. Rev Mark Sharpe said he and his family endured abuse and intimidation from parishioners after moving to Hanley Broadheath in Worcestershire, in 2005. He […]

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Stage director appeals minimum wage Employment Tribunal ruling

by Harvey Harding December 5, 2013 Employment Law

A stage director is set to appeal after an Employment Tribunal ruled he had to pay five actors the national minimum wage for their work on a show. Gavin McAlinden had advertised for performers to appear in a revival of David Edgar’s Pentecost in London on a “profit-share” basis. Profit-share means that performers receive no […]

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Woman who called colleague “whore” on Twitter fails in Employment Tribunal claim

by Redmans Solicitors December 2, 2013 Employment Law

A woman who called a colleague of hers a “whore” on Twitter has failed in her unfair dismissal claim in the Employment Tribunal. Ms Doreen Reilly commenced employment with the Co-operative supermarket in Cupar in 1994 and worked as a shop assistant. In August 2011 there was an incident at the Cupar Co-operative where Ms […]

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Employment Tribunal to hear former fire chief’s compensation claim

by Harvey Harding November 28, 2013 Age Discrimination

A former chief fire officer is taking the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to an Employment Tribunal to claim compensation for alleged age discrimination. David Dalziel was the chief at Grampian Fire and Rescue Service for eight years but claims he was turned down for a number of key roles when the new national fire […]

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