Being Harassed by Neighbors? Here’s how to take Action

by RyanD on August 29, 2012

(US law and generally) Harassment is a serious issue, and though we might expect it on the street or even at work, it often blindsides us when we are at home. In some cases, the worse harassment comes from your neighbors, and if your neighbors are engaging in harassment directed towards you, your family and your property, you need to take action. Harassment is not necessarily something that goes away on its own, and it can have far-reaching effects that touch every aspect of your life. If your neighbor is harassing you, consider some essential steps.

First, identify the harassing behavior. One common form that harassment takes involves police agencies. For example, your neighbor may start calling in noise complaints to the police directed at your property. He or she might also surreptitiously destroy your property or damage it. These behaviors may seem minor at first, but they can escalate, and even if they do not, they may be persistent. Harassing behavior can have some profound effects on your life and your health, so take it seriously.

Document everything. If the police come to your home, ascertain why the came and the name of the officers in question. If you notice damage on your property, take pictures of it, and if you have any threatening confrontations with your neighbor, write down the date and the subject of the confrontation. If they ever touch you or act in a way that is unwelcome, mark that down as well. A log like this can help you establish a pattern of harassing behavior if the matter needs to come to legal issues. You will also find that in some states, recording your conversations with someone else is entirely legal. Before you do this, however, you should always make sure that you know what the laws in your area are like.

Talk to other neighbors. You may find that you are far from being the first victim of this kind of abuse. Many people who harass one person are willing to harass more, and you will find that this kind of behavior might be wide-spread, even if you have never heard about it before. When you are asking around, speak to your neighbors in a calm and deliberate manner. Tell them that you are not interested in causing trouble, but that you have been feeling very frustrated and angry. This is something that can help you figure out if there is a pattern to the harassment and if others have gone through the same thing that you have. If you find that other people are suffering too, you will discover that this can strengthen your case significantly.

Be very clear in confrontations with your neighbor. It is not typically advised that you confront your neighbor but some contact may be unavoidable. If you need to simply ignore your neighbor and to remove yourself from the situation, then do so.

Contacting Legal Authorities
It is important not to take harassment from a neighbor lightly. If they have gone to some trouble to harass you with police presence, your life can easily be disrupted. Most of the time, the violations that they have accused you of will simply result in a warning, but in other cases, you may fined or worse. These are things that can have a lasting impact on your life, even if the original charge seems ridiculous or like something that would be quickly dismissed.

Harassment from a neighbor can quickly become an issue that impacts your life in a big way. Ehow states that you should take a moment to consider contacting an attorney, especially if the police have been involved ( Make sure that you know your legal rights and that you understand what recourse you have.

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  • Doctor b

    Our neighbor has put up a high intensity floodlight that is focused on our front door,;it does not shine on his property at all.

  • Lex

    What if its the other way around? My friends neigbor was asked nicely multiple times to fix his key fob so it would stop honking 26 plus times in a row at 6am day after day. They called the police. Three years later from the first call to the police and he gets in his car every morning at 6:15 and revvs his car to the point it sounds like it could blow up, drives up the street with his window down staring at my friends, peels out and yells comments about how he thinks they’re racists. My friends called the police because he can’t get a life and move on and continues to try and intimidate them. He finally snaps at my friend when shes home alone because she flipped him off for again driving past her with his windows down, revving his engine and glaring at her. He peeled out in reverse up the street and came back infront of her house to start something so her and her husband filed a protection order. He got mad and filed one back and calls the cops on them when they go to the grocery store, if they mow their yard and his cars are deliberatly parked in front of their yard and because my friend flipped him off. Not only is he wasting tax dollars but hes using the city to harass them. Sometimes calling the police because a neighbor finds it entertaining to make unacceptable amounts of noice before the 7am city ordinance is the only choice you have.

    • K MCA

      I have to agree with Lex; Police are there to ‘serve and protect and keep the peace’; if you can not call on them when a neighbor is creating significant amounts of noise pollution (constant barking dog in my case) then where else do you turn?

      • gary

        I wood shoot his dam dogs then and slep good

    • gary

      burn his car at 3 in the morning if that does not stop get 3 men to go kick his ass that well stop it

      • shona browne

        Burn his car; kick his ass? Are you nuts? Unless you are in organized crime you will get caught and do serious time. Why waste people’s time with this, not just to you, but to a lot of people posting such comments.

    • DubhBairn

      In my opinion I am having issues with a neighbor’s wife. The male (husband) is a deputy. She has harassed and made accusations about other neighbors with NO proof. I wouldn’t put it past her to use her husband’s resources to look up about people.. Recently she verbally assaulted me while I was outside and has in the past vandalized my yard as well as allowing her adult son to throw loud parties and stay up till 4am yelling. All the while as the “deputy” watches or is present. I have made several reports and called the cops this last time.. I was told by cops to NOT engage in verbal abuse coming at me and to Call them. unfortunately for me I did this last time but will NOT do that again.

      In TX we have a Class C for this type of thing; so they also told me to INVEST heavily into security cameras. I am in the process of doing this. I will also be investing into a camera that records AUDIO. This way I can capture her the next time she does what she did this last time. With that – she will eventually not be able to control herself and will do it again but with AUDIO there is NO question to the cops who is assaulting who.. of course she won’t know it records audio !!!!

      I suggest talking to an attorney and get some cameras!! This will deter them and if it doesn’t get an attorney and take them to court. Have COPS do an investigation into the issues. GOOD LUCK!

    • Stopillegalsurveillance

      This may be something bigger that not many people know about unless you’re a victim or part of the network. Google “gang stalking” and see if it fits the experiences she’s been having. Now, many people on the site claim to be victims but are actually perpetrators. This is a serious crime and so far even the corrupt government participates. It’s a well kept secret. Be careful with some if the people on there because like I said they are actual harassers. It’s also called community mobbing.

      • Tina Molinar

        Thats true

    • Nicole Liotti

      This very easy problem to remedy . 1-2 straight nails prop behind at the roll forward and roll back tire. Then when you hear him fussing in the morning . Film on cell phone and post. Oooo the karma 🙂

    • Danceroflife

      I think that every neighborhood has anti-social behaving neighbors, but we like you, have some neighbors who are psychopaths. Ignoring them by being non-reactive is what defeats them because they aren’t receiving their stimuli.

      • MarMia

        I agree with this comment wholeheartedly, but somethings cannot be ignored. Like stalking and threats such as: I’ve been trying to be your friend, now you are going to be sorry!.

        • Danceroflife

          Unfortunately true. Stalking is against the law as are criminal threats. Both actions can be charged as felony violations if serious enough and even a misdemeanor could get their attention.

      • Edward Lepine

        We have a neighborhood menace…ignoring him doesn’t work. He simply amps up his game, up to and including, damaging property. This guy has been convicted of four counts of stalking neighbors, and has served four years in prison for it. But here he is…still being a menace to everyone living around him.

        • Danceroflife

          It’s time to start videotaping this criminal indulging in his psychotic criminal behavior. Enough documentation about his repeated criminal proclivity should get him sentenced to a longer period than four years the next time around.

      • Joyce Williams

        I don’t want totalkorbe around them

    • Rayca

      Where do you live?!? Cops in CA don’t EVER come out for trivial shit like that. You have to be bleeding for them to come. Neighbor stuff here is not going to get the cops out unless they have threatened you with bodily harm, they have damaged property (and you have proof they did it). Cops don’t come out just cuz you’re MAD!

      • TheKaz1381

        That used to be true! I remember when cops never used to even come if called for serious things let alone dumb stuff. But lately maybe it’s to increase police presence in the neighborhood’s or something. My landlord has called the cops on me over 35 times in the past 5 months. At first he was trying to flirt with me and have conversations about how long it had been since he had sex. Made me feel weird. Then he started hanging around outside the bathroom while I showered with my 2 year old son. I told him it was not appropriate to wait outside the bathroom for me. When he continued to do this, I told his wife to tell him to stop. She kicked him to the couch and ever since he has been harassing me threatening me and hitting my door so hard he put 2 fist sized holes in my door. All of this for my son laughing too loud or dropping a toy. We stay on the 3rd floor renting a bedroom out of a house. He is on 2nd floor. His wife has said that she hears us drop something once in a while but not a big deal. He says she is taking my side and calls us both beeches lol I am so sick of him that I prefer to speak to police when they come. I always ask them if they heard anything coming from my room before they knocked on the door and they all always say no. I’m like then why don’t you guys tell him to quit wasting your time?! What happened to the days cops had better things to do?

      • C.Gambino

        And that’s what causes problems when they don’t come out for petty shit, bc petty shit developes into bigger shit then ppl take matters into their own hands. Damn do ur research or at least watch real crime shows once in awhile

        • Tracy Johnson


          • C.Gambino

            I beg ur pardon, bitch?

        • coco

          And when the cops do come they may ( did me!) turn against you and take the trashy people’s side! Actually told me I would go to jail if they called them back & lied again! These 4 people threatened to beat my little ass- I responded; And this will be the last ass You ever try to beat….

  • frustrated

    What do you do if you have filed bankruptcy against your neighbor and now they are now doing other things to you and or your family to make life even harder, because of personal vendetta? Can they do that because they where once a creditor.

    • gary

      make shower theres no witnesses and beat the hell out of them and that well stop

  • lilith

    If a neighbor takes pictures of you and your family, going to work, coming from work, during cleaning your garage, your parked trucks, reporting you to housing, for no reason(literally no reason). Neighbors have told us he has taken photos while we were cleaning our garage. We caught him taking pictures of us while we were taking things out of our truck into our garage (tools) to be specific. I have not had words with him, but I am wondering what rights do I have before I blow up. I feel invaded, threatened, I’m am always watching now as I leave my home, to see if he is watching taking photos. I have two teenage daughters and worry about them. This has been going on for a long time and I am thinking of going to the authorities but wondering if it would be a waste of time. I worry about myself and my family. What do I do?

    • gary

      I wood bet the hell out of him that will stop it

      • coco

        So tempting but don’t want to be locked up!!!

      • Lana Welsh

        I realize it’s an old comment you said. regarding dogs being alot

    • Nicole Liotti

      I would have words with him. And if I caught him with the camera again I shove it up his $!# sideways with base ball batt. As soon as you saw him . You should have yelled at him what the hell are you doing? If you don’t back in that house and stop taking pictures of my daughter’s . You won’t worry the police you will have to worry about me.

    • Richard Snodgrass

      if he takes a of you in your property that is voyerism, can’t shoot into private property

  • Candida Calderon

    my neighbor wont leave me alone. I’m 11 and she is trying to get my good friend against me. she has ran over my bush with her bike, tried to run over my chickens and pulled down 2 of our trees. she yelled at me saying ” I DONT LIKE YOU AND NEITHER DOES MY FRIEND!! THAT IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!” she also used to be my friend. she also messed up my gmas truck with a taser!!! when we were friends, she walked in our home like it was hers. she had a present for me then walked in the house and took it back to hers. so on Christmas, i went to her house to unwrap the gift. i unwrap it head out the door and she stops me, takes the gift and tells me “you cant have it.”. can you please tell me what we should do she also attempted to set me on fire.

  • Mony

    My neighbor has some mental problems, not taking medicine correctly and drinks. She was just hospitalized over 2 months ago and when she got back everything was fine, till yesterday. now going on with the 3rd time of her harassing me and my kids, making it very hard to be outside or even just take my trash out. It is like she watches when we are outside and then comes out using bad language and being loud verbally. Now the issue is my fence is a foot over in her property line and wants me to remove my fence or she will. She was yelling last night standing at my fence, grabbed my rake out of my yard, told me to get it if I wanted it. (I did not) then she picked it up walked a block over and walked back without my rake. I have called the cops couple of times they can’t do anything.

  • Stopillegalsurveillance

    There’s a network in all cities and states in the US and around the world that harass anyone who is blacklisted mainly by someone in power or knows someone in power. The blacklisted person is placed under surveillance and harassed every chance they get. They are harassed in the stores and basically anywhere the person frequents. They spread rumors about you and just interfere in all aspects of your life. This is a well kept secret. Some compare it to the Gestapo and brown shirts. Others compare it to Cointelpro. Anyhow, I’ve been trying to get help from the representatives and senate to no avail. They are part of the problem. I was an officer and someone decided to ruin my life because I did my job. They also sent an informant to date me eventually becoming my “boyfriend”. It was all a lie. He was getting information and was using a audio bug all the time. We had no privacy. They were watching us having sex and listening to my conversations.

    • Blessed Highlyfavored

      So. What did you do in this situation I know someone going thru the same thing ,,

      • Stopillegalsurveillance

        My hands are tied. I tried contacting local representatives and Senate officials. I contacted police to find out they are involved. It would probably take a law suit but no lawyer will touching because they will be targeted as well. I live in California. The network here is ruthless.

      • Cindy Tefft Morgan

        Nothing yet but my court date is FINALLY approaching, I am so excited, and this one may be on the NATIONAL NEWS too, just like my other story was a few days ago, about taking a live chicken, Grace, to court. This was 1 of the same chickens she came into my home while we were all gone and kidnapped, and told us she was not returning them in fact finding them a good loving home. Loving life.

    • Sheenia Gray

      I think the same thing is happening to us…I don’t know what to do??what should I do…??

      • Cindy Tefft Morgan

        I also having these problems. So tried getting restaining order at courthouse, cant because i was nevver married to her, or dared hee. But was advised to go to the county sheriff’s dept. Since my city police will NOT help. The woman has been trespassed multiple times by police and they just keep warning her.she has sent her sister over to threaten me in front of my 3yr and 20 year old. She followed closely behind, within few minutes, with a baseball bat trying to open my gate. When my oldest said cops were almost here both women started to leave. The officers warned her again and I said since u are unwilling to arrest them than I want to do a citizens arrest, they denied this. This woman volunteers at my childs school so I wrote a demand letter stating I don’t want her around my kids they have even denied me of this. It’s happened again, few weeks ago. When i was talking to principal she came behind and was smurking and tossed her hair like they cant keep me away from your kids so ha ha what u going to do now. I wanted to jump the counter and over the principal and do what I had to do but held back and decided to try getting no contact order. Police came over today and said there is nothing I can do to keep her away from them. I took the out of school for awhile and got threatened with cps. If I can’t get a no contact order or restraining order what options do I have except like…. officer said I will go to jail for battery or worse. Have spoken to attorneys and many others they not willing to help UNTIL one of my kids or I get hurt or killed. The woman has been in and out of behavior health and shown students her suicide attempts which are now scars. It scare the hell out of me

        • Angel mom

          Wow. Why don’t you stop harassing your sweet neighbors, Yes I know her i’ve known her for about 3 years & she is a sweetheart & a great person. You are such a good lier. Not even 1 shred of your storey is true. I just love how u take a little lie and twist it so bad in your fucked up head and come up with just shit. You are one crazy ass. You are the one who’s going to hurt someone. Dumb Ass. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Ass. Also learn how to spell dumb fuck. Or go back to school. I went to college try that too

        • Angel mom

          Jesus, light, truth, and what is rite will always conquer evil, lies and darkness. ALWAYS!!!

          • Cindy Tefft Morgan

            You know it, and everyone finally gets to see what ushe is all about. Sorry, everyone, but my cell phone sometimes purposely miss spells. It ain’t my fault. Truly

          • Devilsplaytoy

            Good 1…be sure to contact your president and inform him of this “light, truth and what is rite will always conquer evil” ✌

        • Angel mom

          Also to let u know because u seem to not understand things. My friend is the light & you are darkness

          • Cindy Tefft Morgan

            ONLY YOUR opinion! I am so EXCITED, I FINALLY get my day to find out why the police just keep allowing this to happen!! It has been a LONG ROAD!! Oh yeah, and BUCK BUCK!!

      • Stopillegalsurveillance

        I tried contacting the US Senate, Representatives, DA IN MY AREA, local police to find out that they are involved. Not to mention I was a probation officer. My situation seems hopeless. What has been going on with you?

  • Salina Garcilazo

    Help my neighbor is a cop we got into an agremtent over our puppies. He feels we mistreat them which isn’t true he’s just mad because we won’t sell him them so he came over snatched them from us and called the cops and animal control luckily the cops were honest and gave us back our dogs because he had no business coming onto our property and taking our animals. The next day animal control comes and he noticed let’s his dog loose which is the momma to the puppies which was sold to him by our friend that didn’t want no problems cause he kept saying he was going to call the cops and ect. But the momma dog come running to our home and the cop running after her onto our property stepping infrontation of me taking about when he’s done talking to me to go over to his home because he has pictures and videos of is mistreating the puppies we asked him to leave and he did but he was just standing at out fence starring at us talking he got tired of waiting on his property so he stands next the animal controls truck just waiting and just starring some more. A week later a lady from the city came to our home with an anonymous report saying we have a mess in our yard were cleaning out our garage saying we have people living in our garage cause we have extension cords running to it and we have a broken pump that to fix it in 40 days or we’ll be fined help please what can I do

  • Tannelleaneal

    About 5yrs ago my sister-in-law lied on me my husband did confront her and of course she lied again since then every time I go in my yard she comes out on her porch and sits and stares if I don’t look at her she will come in my driveway to make me look at her if I go in my back yard she goes in hers she has the whole family mad at me and she’s the one who lied she even called my friends
    And people I go to church with and lied. What makes matters worse is she has a cousion on people force who is good friends with the county sheriff .This sheriff has come to my brother in laws house. My sister- in -law her brothers put her before there wives expect my husbznd

  • Nicole Liotti

    I’ve lived almost 2 years in my present apartment . That I was talked into be a client that I cut her hair. As soon as I moved in on complaint after another really crazy stuff. Told her to stop calling me. I’ve had damage on 2 cars. I reported the last incident with her to the police . I caught her violently screaming in front of my parked car with a utility door in her hand at my car This happen 3 days ago I was on my way to work . Filed the other damage that she did dings next day. She had gone as far as telling the landlord I was blocking her utility closet. I have parked the same spot for almost 2 years. That and complained that when I lock my car it beeps. Not 2_26. Only one time . I caught her outside and lock my car in front of her and told her she was not getting away with whatever she was doing . Filed a report the next day .The officer told me I need to tell my land lord . I told him I was putting up with her I will not have her damage my property. And I would have her arrested if I had anymore problems. Of course the landlord is tired of her and told me he didn’t give a crap anymore. If I have to have her arrested do so.

  • zeroblaze

    people just said they got a problem with black man staking around there
    and said Mexican’s been breaking in there, i call bullshit but ask the
    people who live on Paula ave 49st they will take your picture and say
    you don’t belong here.bigot’s can’t get away from them.
    El Rancho Encantado, 12825 E 49th Dr, Yuma, AZ 85367, racist harassment,him and neighbor’s

    • Richard Snodgrass

      i would take this photo down he could sue you, you are filming his private property and you are using his image without consent. if he was in public land it would be different like on the street, but even then if could be termed stalking

  • Dotti

    Neighbor in community is the police snitch and a lot of of her neighbors are afraid of her because of trouble she starts the police does nothing to stop her harassing and abusing her neighbors. Complaints have been made the police does nothing. I have seizures and she is a troublemaker but yet when I make a report about her bullying and harassing the police does nothing. She is the police snitch. What do I do? Where do I turn to when can’t get the police help to stop the neighbors bullying and harassing.

    • Blessed Highlyfavored

      Hi having the same issues did you get any answers to your questions would like this to stop an report these wicked people Thank you in advance

  • Rachel Nevada

    If you try to follow this list, make sure YOU aren’t the harassing party. Your stupider neighbors will love your drama, but the police will catch on. You can also get sued, sued, sued–and it serves you right if you were the instigator.

  • Neil

    Like construction workers wouldn’t be doing this, would they?

  • Kenny Blake

    I have the neighbors from hell! The mother has four kids who are very disrespectful, vile language and very loud. They bring other children around to their home to join in the evil behavior. They through snowballs, rocks and even human bowel movement. The police has been called and they say kids are being kids. The mother is never home, grandmother and an adult cousin is there who does drugs. They run over top of the roofs early in the am. The landlord was informed, but he does not care, because they are section 8 tenants. My other neighbors are sick of them as well. Lost and want these people gone.

    • Danceroflife

      It’s not the kids’ fault that they are being neglected and acting out. What lousy parents and grandparents’ they have. I understand why you want them gone though.

  • THEFred

    If your neighbor keeps calling the police with noise complaints, consider the possibility that you may be the problem.

  • Mike Wold

    Hi I am disabled I live in my apartment for seven years I keep to myself and to talk no one and have no complaints from anyone most of didn’t know I was living there. Last July I went camping with my parents for weekend we I was gone a new neighbor move in below me I am on the 2nd floor and his apartment is on the first the first week move he has bang on my floors every time the pipes goes off in the walls and then comes to my door when I am sleeping at night and bang on my door so loud to wake me up telling me to stop making nosies I am not doing anything he told me I was I said no I wasn’t he even make calls to the landlord saying that I making nosies when I am not even there this has been going for months non stop he bangs on the floors when I walk because the floors creak he bangs on the floors even when I am cleaning durning the day at 2pm he even yelled at my mom for walking in kitchen cause my floors creak and still the landlord takes his side my parents think they are trying to force me out because when go and file a complaint against him about the harassment and him yelling at my mom the landlord told me that he file a complaint against me for to much that his fire alarm came off thats when the landlord told me that she doesn’t know what to do about him and me I can’t move I dont have the money 🙁 I need help

  • Sick of Neighbor

    Got a neighbor at our lake place. Does not have enough land. He has a 50 foot lot. So he has tore out his driveway resloped his water run off to our property. When we confronted him he became more irate. He is on disability, gotten a settlement, and drinks heavily and at the end of the day is more beligerant. We share an access down to the lake. Maybe a 6 foot price of propert to cross into our properties. He has now blocked this access with his vehicle. The other night he moved his vehicle and we drove across the access into our property and he blocked the entrance and we can’t get our boat out now. When we were trying to cross he attempted to hit our 4 wheeler with his vehicle. He jumped into his van drive ahead and we were part ways through the driveway he stopped a few inches from our 4 wheeler. Called law enforcement and they came and tried to keep peace. Said they were babysitting (which I agree with)! We have a lake lot and 300 foot lot across the road that our cabin is on so no problem there. When we had some one give an estimate for resurfacing, he stood on his deck with his family and drinks in hand, waving and yelling “hi” sarcastically causing the contractor to ask if there was a problem. He is using the 6 foot entrance to cross over at his convenience. Now he is going to the neighbors who also do not have enough room trying to move the road back so they all have more room. Will cost an estimated $20000.00 to fight this. We have had law enforcement involved to get our boat on our property. He installed a 4 way camera to watch “his” driveway. Can’t even relax with this nut case. What constitutes neighbor harassment?

    • Danceroflife

      “He is on disability…rinks heavily and at the end of the day is more beligerant.”

      He doesn’t just drink heavily, he’s a mean drunk. I think that every neighborhood has at least one.

  • well killing dogs is not murder you can only murder humans but that is an immature response

    • C.Gambino

      Animal killing may not be legally defined as murder BUT it is still illegal damn it, no matter which way u look at it, u moron!

    • Shawn

      What a fucking dumbass. It will get you a year in jail for animal cruelty. That is not an immature response as well. Some of us love our dogs as much as you love your kids. You kill my dogs I’m willing to do time.

  • Valerie

    So I’m going through hell in my apartment. It’s my first time ever renting an apartment and ever since these black ghetto people moved next to us they began banging on our shared walls. it’s everyday since they moved in it’s driving me insane I don’t even feel comfortable in my own home anymore sad to say. everytime I go walk in my room or my closet they bang on the wall like if there just listening to what I do all day even when I shower or use my restroom. idk it’s making me go crazy like cause anxiety and depression I’ve already complained to the management twice banged back because I couldn’t take it no more. but that just made it that much worse. it’s everyday from till they wake up till they go to sleep. sometimes around 1 am to 3 am. anybody else going through what I’m going through

  • Julie no

    Barking Dog problems for 2 years in our neighborhood and they’re right next door nothing has been done the police never came out they just said we should talk to them we have to no avail they become mortal enemies at best we have done nothing to deserve it. We have not been able to use our deck in 2 years so we just sold our house sad but that’s what it came to so I guess their dogs are very very very very emotional.

  • Angelina Bittle

    Hey im angel i live with my mom in myrtle beach and my 2 neighbors keep texting my mom when me and my boyfriend has friends stop by they are telling my mom that if we dont stop having people over they are threating to call the cops and my mom is a big bitch and is trying to kick me and my boyfriend and my 2 kids out on the street just bc she just doesnt want us here she changes her mind all the time . which is sooo stupide but i just want to know we keep to our selfs we dont talk to anyone in the neighborhood do they have the right to call the cops on us if we are just having friends stop by they dont even come in bc my mom wont let them. And the neighbors next to me have multiple people coming over and i think their selling drugs but their friends with the neighbor that doesnt like us so she doesnt threaten them. I just dont know what to do i dont want here calling the cops on us bc we are not loud we keep to our selfs. I just want to know can my neighbor call the cops for people stopping by my house???? If she does get the cops called what can i do or say to the police??? please help i have really shitty noisy neighbors that just dont like me for no good reason

  • MollyMoxie _

    My neighbors keep calling the cops on me which results with me being fined every monday betweent 1-6am when im asleep the officer leaves a ticket on my car i suspect the neighbor is complaining about it to them all bc the neighbors just dont like us even though wed never been ij contact with one another aside from them seeing our vehicles in the parking lot.

    I cant even park my car on our grass which is our property they called the law enforcement for that as well but we dont have enough room in our parking lot to do so and we may not even be able to expand it due to possibly having to see if we need a permit to do so.

    Any advice on how to deal with this i dont think talking would get them to stop i may resort to stuffing a bunch of dildos on my windowsill so they cant call the police to complain about dicks in my room.

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