Royal Thai Consulate in Hull UK said Non O Visas now need 800,000 THB

by Siam Legal International on September 24, 2013

British citizens or permanent residents of UK can live and stay long term in Thailand. Royal Thai Consulate in Hull issues Thailand Non-Immigrant O visa if you are relocating to Thailand to live with a Thai wife, or to retire if you are older than 50. While this has been very easy in the past, Thai embassy in Hull, United Kingdom tightened its laws by enhancing the requirement for Non-O visa. The applicant has to show proof that he can support himself in Thailand for a long period of time.

Thailand Non-Immigrant O visa
Thailand Non-Immigrant O Visa from the Royal Thai Consulate in Hull

Beginning Sept 12, 2013 new changes are implemented at the Royal Thai Consulate in Hull United Kingdom for obtaining Non-Immigrant O visa from the UK to Thailand. Royal Thai Consulate in Hull will only issue Non O single entry (90-day) and multiple entries (one year) if financial requirement of 800,000 THB is met.

This recent change implemented by Hull Thai embassy about obtaining Thai non O visa applies to Royal Thai Consulate in Hull only. Other Thai Embassies and Consulates in the UK and other countries have different criteria for the issuance of Thailand Non-Immigrant O visa.

Eligibility Requirement Non-O Hull ARE YOU ELIGIBLE?

Applicant Married to a Thai National

Royal Thai Consulate in Hull issues single or multiple entry Non O visa based on marriage to a Thai citizen to an applicant who meets one of the following:

A. has 800,000 THB in the Thai bank

You can show bank statement showing lump sum amount of 800,000.

B. has monthly income of 1,400 GBP in a UK current account (equivalent to 65,000 THB a month)

This applies to first time and subsequent application. You can present bank statement for the last 3 months to show monthly income.

Visiting Thailand as Retired Person aged between 50 and 64 years

Non-O applicants aged 50-64 based on retirement who lodge their application at Royal Thai Consulate in Hull need to meet the financial condition of:

A. 800,000 THB in Thai bank

You can submit a bank statement showing a lump sum amount of 800,000 THB.

B. monthly income equivalent to 65,000 THB.

You can present UK “current account” bank statement for the last 3 months.

Visiting Thailand as Pensioner aged 65 and over

For Non-O applicants as pensioner who are aged 65 and over, Royal Thai Consulate in Hull UK requires now “Current Account” bank statement showing receipt of monthly State Pension for the last three (3) months (no minimum required); so as any other private pensions.

For retired females aged 60 – 64, applicant has to provide evidence of the date you were officially regarded as “Retired” by the UK Department for Works and Pensions (UK DWP).

I see the recent changes as a responsible issuance of long-term visas to Thailand such as Non-Immigrant O visa. By setting the amount higher, Royal Thai Consulate in Hull is able to sort out applicants who are financially fit to stay in Thailand for a long time.

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  • Da La

    Firstly, this is an independant organisation operating as a consulate , not the embassy in Hull.
    Secondly, I have tried , unsucessfully to open a Thai bank account with only a tourist visa…refused. thus catch 22 applies.
    Finally, it appears the rules change from one organisation ( numerous consulates in the UK) to another. My (Thai) partner assures me I can get the visa in Thailand , however I presume the ‘rules’ will differ there.
    Good luck anyone working their way thro this mire.
    PS. maybe the Thai are a little upset that the UK government have stated they want to relax the rules for Chinese nationals coming to this country. After all ( and I have travelled to over 40 countries) , the requirement of a visa for travel ( and other reasons) is partly a tit for tat game of the relevant Border Control officials.

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