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by Alex Hutchinson on May 20, 2014

Over the years we have spent time working with the Legal Sector to help them better optimise all areas of documents – part of this also includes postage costs and postal operations – ensuring firms are increasing efficiency and reducing costs within the post room.

There are lots of areas to achieve reductions in postage costs, obtain better delivery rates and also ensure they have the most efficient and cost effective systems / devices in place – although we have recently come across a GAME CHANGER!

We are working with Law Firms to enable them to transfer a increasing % of their post to an electronic system, which is fully tracked and court admissible – on top of this it instantly increases efficiency, reduces operating / postage costs and can be implemented with no capital outlay!

In the exciting world of post the Holy Grail was to remove post all together. Not saying that the post is poor it just has a downsides. It’s expensive, takes a relatively long time to prepare and deliver, it costs to print and envelope, you need stamps or expensive franking machines and someone has to take it to the post box. Then there is the question, has it been delivered and given to the right person, looming postal strikes and the good old excuses “it’s must be lost in the post” or “I haven’t received it” that slows business down. Not only do these issues slow business down but they cannot provide any legal proof beyond simple confirmation that an envelope was received – what was within the envelope received and whether it was read by the intended recipient cannot be tracked or proved…. until now!

We are working with Client’s to implement a Registered E-mail system, which provides full tracking utilising proven technology which enables you to send email’s and attachments, whilst receiving a court admissible delivery receipt ,providing detailed information of what was sent, its content, when it was delivered and opened. It’s like recorded delivery for email – only better and covering all bases.

What is more is it has the additional features of Electronic Signature to obtain multiple signatures on contracts via email, Email Encryption for privacy and protection and the ability to send large email’s up to 200Mb from your desktop.

We are confident that this process will replace an increasing percentage of important postal mail as it just makes sense, who wants to print, post and chase when it can be done more securely and instantly at the click of a button with secure proof.

From a simple business case – all this it can be done with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY and it will deliver instant savings to the bottom line (by an average of 70p per mail item / £70.00 per 100 items…some firms are sending out thousands per MONTH)


– What % of your mail could be sent electronically?

– When did you last review this area of your firm? You probably were not aware this technology existed – but that’s because this isn’t where your expertise lies.

– Where else could our firm deliver immediate cost savings, with no capital outlay?

– If I can deliver this level of return – where should this sit on my project list?

There are lots of opportunities available to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, across all areas of documents – this is another area which will be worth reviewing within your Firm / Organisation – so why not take a look. The key is engaging with a partner who will provide you with REAL ADVICE and ensure that this area is reviewed PRODUCTIVELY and ACCURATELY to identify the level of business case available within your firm.

There are a limited number of areas where efficiencies and savings like this area available without a significant investment required – all firms / organisations need to be more competitive in today’s ever changing business world – where will this type of project sit on your to do list? Where is it on your competitors?.


Author: Alex Hutchinson is the author behind and Partner for the Professional Services Division at TBA Group, an Independent Office Equipment Consultancy, which offers expert advice to Clients across the Private Sector.

“We help clients identify what they need and NOT what someone wants to SELL them… (there’s a big difference). We do this with a 100% transparent process, (even down to net pricing with pre-agreed margins) and cover the whole life cycle, from review to installation to service / maintenance. More importantly, we do all of this under a business model which removes ALL conflicts of interest, problems and frustrations which can come from dealing with Salespeople from the industry standard resellers / dealers.” to find out more or to arrange a phone call with Alex Hutchinson visit TBA Group

Alex Hutchinson
My name is Alex Hutchinson and I am Partner of the Professional Services Division at TBA Group. We are an Independent Office Equipment Consultancy which helps clients review all areas of their Office Equipment (Multifunctional Devices / Network Printers / Scanners etc) and implement a more Productive & Efficient solutions whilst also reducing operating costs - more importantly our model helps clients remove the time, problems and frustrations Clients experience when trying to review this area of spend productively and accurately with Salespeople! We enable clients to understand WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THEIR FIRM and NOT just WHAT SOMEONE WANTS TO SELL THEM... there's a big difference. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like to discuss any issues / requirements - I'm always happy to help. Just make contact via our website and i'll be in touch: Alex Hutchinson Partner - Professional Services Division TBA Group
Alex Hutchinson
Alex Hutchinson

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