Put a Ring on It (But Only if it’s a Good Ring & You Ask Nicely)

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers on February 6, 2014

The Daily Mail reports that 1 in 5 brides to be are disappointed by the  proposal by their future husbands, be it as a result of a substandard ring, no  ring at all or a lack of ‘romance’ in the proposal.

A huge 13% of those surveyed said the proposal had been so  disappointing they had wanted to cry, and a number admitted that instead of a  romantic and tender moment, the proposal had turned into an argument  instead.

It would seem that the unusual proposals which have become internet hits have set the bar at a high standard, with many men being  considered to have failed to make the grade if their efforts don’t match up.  Examples of such spectacular proposals include an entire London tube carriage  singing, and flashmobs at train stations performing. It seems that for any poor  boy planning a romantic meal and quiet proposal may face criticism for lack of  creativity.

The survey does however suggest that whilst new and  innovative ways to propose have proved a big hit, and a measure to compare  against, it’s still the traditional aspects which cause the annoyance if they  are missed, with failing to go down on one knee and failing to ask a father’s  permission being cited as some of the most common causes of  disappointment.
The ring itself however seemed to feature most  prominently in the survey, with 45% of women claiming they would contribute in  order to get a better ring and 38% saying the ring reflects directly how much  their partner loves them, thus

leading to  a feeling of being slighted if any of those famous 4Cs haven’t quite made the  correct grade (that’s cut, colour, clarity and carat boys, if there’s anything  that the survey shows, it’s that all 4 need to be spot on…).

Of course in  the event a relationship breakdown or Divorce,  who then keeps the all-important diamond can be another cause of contention,  although as a general rule, the law considers the ring a gift, unless it’s a  family heirloom or something of a similar nature, so perhaps some men have good  cause not to flash too much cash.
The survey also gives interesting  insight into communication between couples on the issue, with many expressing  regret that they didn’t raise their disappointment at the time, or admitting  that they have told family and/or friends, but not their betrothed.

On a  personal note, the article has been very informative too. I now realise that  given my lovely husband did not go down on one knee, nor ask my Dad beforehand  if it was OK, I am clearly entitled to an upgraded diamond so I am off to claim  my 2 Carats…

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