Using a “Will Writer” or a Solicitor – which is best?

by 4SNet June 30, 2013 Law

Does it matter if your will writer is a solicitor or not? Nobody likes thinking about what will happen when they’re gone, and writing a will is a task that is often put off until another day. The prospect of allocating your estate to loved ones is often perceived to be a difficult one, and […]

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Reducing the Risks of Costly Legal Eviction Process for Landlords

by 4SNet March 31, 2013 Law

During 2012 approximately 59% of private residential landlords were left out of pocket as a result of having to deal with tenants who did not pay their rent on time, or at all, according to LSL property services – over 99,000 tenants didn’t pay their rent for two months or more – this is the […]

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Landlord and Tenant Law – What is the Landlord Responsible for?

by 4SNet March 7, 2013 Law

Landlords must operate within the Law, and there are hundreds of pieces of Government Legislation and local authority regulation in addition to this which will also need to be adhered to before the property can be rented to tenants. The onus is with the landlord, even if the landlord is using a letting agent – […]

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