Inheritance law between siblings

by BirkettsLaw March 8, 2013 Family Law
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Inheritance law between siblings Making a Will may feel like a rather morbid thing to do, but it acts as an essential safeguard for your belongings to not only be handed out to the people you want but also as a way of altering the tax burden. If you don’t have a lot of worldly […]

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Continental versus Anglo-Saxon divorce law

by BirkettsLaw January 16, 2013 Law

The breakdown of a marriage is never a pain-free affair, and having to deal with the legalities of dividing assets up equitably is far from easy. However, for those used to Anglo-Saxon law, the way in which divorce proceedings are dealt with on the continent may come as a bit of a surprise. Here’s a guide to […]

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Accident due to excessive working hours – the responsibility of employer?

by BirkettsLaw December 21, 2012 Accident Claims Law

With the economic climate causing huge amounts of job losses, it’s little wonder that those lucky enough to have secure, full-time work are keen to hold on to their position. But with the advantage clearly lying with the employer, many workers are being pushed to do more and more just to hang on to what […]

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International Laws Governing Social Media

by BirkettsLaw November 21, 2012 Social Media

International law governing social media has to adapt constantly in response to the social media revolution. Not since the industrial revolution has the world seen such a radical change in the lives of people and the laws that surround them. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and countless other social media networks, have and will continue to change […]

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