Securities Fraud – forward looking statements: some harbors are safer than others

by lawsherm September 18, 2012 Law

Bespeaks Caution- no such thing as a Safe Harbor if The Sea is Already Angry, My Friend Some harbors are safer than others… (US Law) Filling a prospectus with risk factors won’t always protect you. Remember, risk warnings are all about uncertainty, and uncertainty — at least in this context — means uncertainty about the […]

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How to stop Rampant Wall Street Fraud…

by lawsherm September 17, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Rampant Securities Fraud – Why it Exists; How to Stop It… Life is about playing by rules. Sometimes we make a pact to voluntarily follow a set of rules – like when we play golf or tennis or darts or ping pong. Other times we are requited to obey a rule regardless of whether following […]

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