Maternity Leave is Over: Can You Take Your Infant to Your Job?

by annbailey May 9, 2013 Business

The law requires qualified employers to provide parents of newborn children with up to three months of leave to bring their new child into the world and make arrangements for its care. Unfortunately, one’s responsibility to care for one’s child does not have a twelve-week time limit. Bringing one’s child to work is an excellent […]

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How Many Laws Can Be Broken in One DUI Arrest?

by annbailey May 9, 2013 Arrest

Most people understand that driving while intoxicated is unlawful. When a motorist encounters a police officer who believes that he or she was driving while intoxicated, the motorist will generally understand that he or she may be arrested. When the officer makes it clear that the motorist is under arrest, the motorist should quietly comply […]

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Pennsylvania “Impaired Driving” Laws – Strict but Fair?

by annbailey November 3, 2012 Arrest

While every state in the union has enhanced the driving-under-the-influence statutes of their particular state, Pennsylvania has taken a political approach to the upgrade of their impaired driving laws. The law is generally straightforward, but there are conditions of expunction and minimal punitive adjudication that other states do not employ. Pennsylvania’s impaired driving laws are […]

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