Telephone Scammers: Have You Been Targeted?

by barlowrobbins October 31, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

‘Vishing’ is a process, used by fraudsters, to wheedle out your personal details over the phone, while pretending to be a legitimate body, like your bank or the police. It’s similar to online phishing, where scammers contact someone’s email address, to try to squeeze out important information. More than a quarter of adults in the […]

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High Care Quality Must Become a NHS Norm

by barlowrobbins October 30, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Since the £20 billion NHS cuts came into effect in 2009, it’s hardly surprising that the NHS has become a shadow of its former self. Considering the fact that 65% of the NHS budget is spent on staffing our hospitals and medical centres, no-one will be shocked to hear that the amount of nurses-per-patients has […]

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Online Fraud: How to Avoid a Ticket Scam

by barlowrobbins September 26, 2013 Fraud

Imagine that you’ve managed to somehow secure tickets to see your favourite band. As time goes by, you begin to steadily realise that the coach that’s supposed to be picking you up is nowhere to be seen. You’re left by the side of the road, missing the performance and unsure of what to do. Tragic, […]

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7 Less Familiar Driving Offences

by barlowrobbins July 3, 2013 Law

So we’ve all heard of drink driving and speeding, but what else could you get in trouble for on the road? Beeping Your Horn When the roads are gridlocked during rush hour, you can barely move ten metres without hearing someone beep their horn…as if this would magically decongest the traffic. But actually this is […]

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Domestic Violence: It can Happen to Anyone, But what can you do?

by barlowrobbins May 24, 2013 Domestic Violence

People who have experienced domestic violence often describe feelings of hopelessness, isolation and of being trapped, which is why it’s so important to realise that there is help and support available regardless of your situation. Victims are often hesitant to come forward and seek support as they don’t want to be stereotyped, but as more […]

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2 Million Motorists Driving Illegally

by barlowrobbins May 1, 2013 Road Traffic

In Britain, it’s now illegal to keep uninsured cars, even if they aren’t being driven. Unless you declare your vehicle as ‘off the road,’ you could have your motor seized by police and crushed. This rule applies across the United Kingdom, except in Northern Ireland. But owners of a Statutory Off Road Notification will be […]

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Limiting Access to Justice: Cost Reforms

by barlowrobbins May 1, 2013 Legal Aid

With the latest cuts to welfare state, and the infamous bedroom tax, Conservatives are still ten points behind the Labour party; not the most popular step ever made by a government in power. Legal aid, like any of the support that the coalition calls ‘something for nothing,’ was inevitably going to feel the sharp end […]

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