The Young & the Restless: Tips for Young Attorneys Who Can’t Find a Job

by berrywes May 23, 2013 Lawyers

Young and newly licensed attorneys receive endless career advice from well-meaning individuals. This advice ranges from job search techniques, interview etiquette, and the all-time favorite – how best to network. In the midst of all this chatter, young attorneys often forget about his or her most valuable investment: themselves. The reality is that the economy […]

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Facebook Relationship Status Now Includes Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

by berrywes May 9, 2013 Family Law

Many of us take for granted our ability to choose our relationship status on Facebook. Whether married, in a relationship, or it’s complicated, traditional couples have long had the option of selecting the relationship status that best describes their lives. Now same-sex couples can do the same, as Facebook has expanded its list of relationship […]

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