Facing Charges: Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Contact with a Minor

by Brett-ly July 7, 2014 Sexual Offences

Any amount of time in prison—especially when you’re innocent—is too much time. Try 18 months. Our client claimed his innocence from Day One, but prosecutors went ahead and charged him with 20 counts of sexual contact with a minor. Icky, right? That’s what most people say about sex cases. But “liberty and justice for all” […]

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Volkswagen Delivers Powerful Message about Distracted Driving

by Brett-ly June 24, 2014 Car Accidents

Volkswagen’s “Eyes on the Road” spot plays out inside a Hong Kong movie theater. Theatergoers file in and begin watching what first appears to be a commercial or preview from a driver’s perspective heading down a two-lane, tree-lined road. These are “unsuspecting” theatergoers, munching on popcorn, sipping drinks, watching the driver head down the road, […]

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What to Know About Your First DUI/DWI Arrest

by Brett-ly November 29, 2012 Criminal Law

The first time you are exposed to the criminal justice system can be a traumatic experience, especially for someone facing his or her first DWI/DUI charge. What potential consequences will I face? What will a conviction cost? Will I still be able to drive, and if not, for how long? The above questions are at […]

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