Cameron Tyler

Your Law Degree and the Job Market: How Finance Can Be a Plausible Career Path

by Cameron Tyler June 25, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

The economy isn’t exactly ideal for any profession, but lawyers in particular are struggling a bit more than others when it comes to securing employment in an increasingly competitive environment. An article in “The Wall Street Journal” detailed the struggle many lawyers are facing in the job market today, citing a story of one lawyer […]

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Can the Cloud Revolutionize Law Offices?

by Cameron Tyler June 20, 2012 Cloud Computing for Lawyers

Businesses and companies across the globe are quickly moving to cloud computing, and law offices are no exception. Cloud storage has had a breakout year in the mainstream with Google, Microsoft and Apple announcing their own respective cloud services and independent storage companies widening their suite of offerings to include a hefty offering of cloud […]

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How Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion Can Help Make Your Law Firm More Productive

by Cameron Tyler May 23, 2012 Law firm management

Wondering how to make your law firm more productive? Less than a year after the release of OS X Lion, Apple has unleashed another update to its desktop OS, this time dubbed Mountain Lion. This iteration continues its predecessor’s trend of incorporating more of the iPad’s features into OS X, thereby tightening the Apple ecosystem […]

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