What Effect Does Income Tax Have On The Growth Of The U.S. Economy?

by CherrellT June 16, 2012 Tax Law

In the current economy, income tax cuts seem to make great sense. Although Presidents have little genuine influence on the American economy, nevertheless, economic policies and plans will dominate discussion in the 2012 Presidential election. Democrats inevitably will advocate tax increases on wealthy Americans, and they will propose a variety of government-funded initiatives to “jump-start […]

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Contractors vs. Employees: Where Does Homeowner Liability Lie?

by CherrellT June 7, 2012 Blawg

Hiring people to do work around the house is a smart move. You can choose experienced people to ensure that the completed job is of the highest quality, and you won’t have to work up a sweat doing the heavy labor yourself. However, you must be careful about the legal relationship between you and the […]

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Solving Problems: The Benefits of a Joint Law and Health Care Degree

by CherrellT June 5, 2012 Law Blog

If your head wasn’t already spinning fast enough from the political, economic and cultural changes shaking the world today, consider one of the newest post-graduate education options offered by an increasing number of American institutions of higher education. Known as a joint JD and Masters of Health Services Administration degree, it’s basically a mash-up of […]

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How A Life Insurance Attorney Can Help Guide You Through A Loss

by CherrellT June 1, 2012 Law Blog

For many people, navigating their way through a life insurance claim after a loss presents very little hassle. For others, problems arise that add stress to an already tragic situation. While everyone can benefit from the guidance of a life insurance attorney, it is the people who run into problems that will benefit the most. […]

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Document Management for Lawyers

by CherrellT May 24, 2012 Law firm management

Lawyers’ offices used to be well known for the rows of books on the shelves and the voluminous file cabinets which housed client documents. Since the advent of the digital age, however, many firms have moved much of their paper online in the form of digital documents. While some documents will always be required to […]

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How Has The Internet Changed The Way We View Legal Ethics?

by CherrellT April 27, 2012 Law Blog

While the advent of the Internet has been a boon for businesses in most industries, the legal profession has been forced to approach the online world with a great deal of caution. The Internet has proven itself to be a vast source of liability, a landscape filled with endless pitfalls for practitioners of the law, […]

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5 Marketing Strategies To Help Drive Your Practice

by CherrellT April 6, 2012 Law Blog

Small law firms and attorneys who decide on hanging a shingle are no different from any other small business in the sense that their success will strongly depend on their marketing efforts. The marketing approach that must be taken by the legal community, however, differs from most other small businesses. Here are five marketing strategies […]

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The Internet Sales Tax Controversy: What is Fair?

by CherrellT March 29, 2012 Law Blog

Ever since the so-called “Amazon laws” shined the spotlight on ecommerce providers and online retailers, the subject of Internet sales tax fairness has taken center stage. On one hand there are the proponents of state and federal laws that would mandate the collection and remittance of taxes on virtually every online retail sales transaction. On […]

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Top 10 Law Schools To Consider In The U.S.

by CherrellT March 29, 2012 Law Blog

Prospective law students who wish to study in the United States should not have to worry too much about choosing the right law school. For those looking for the best quality in legal education, the annual list of the top ten law schools published by the U.S. News & World Report is a good place […]

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Lines of Credit – A Law Firm Necessity

by CherrellT March 22, 2012 Law Blog

Every law firm’s operating funds are in a consistent flux.  Much of the time lawyers are put in the position of fronting monies to expert witnesses, advancing payments for personal injury cases and a myriad of other expenses – contrary to popular belief, legal firms aren’t rolling in riches.  With a cash flow largely dependent […]

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What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing My Law Specialty?

by CherrellT March 12, 2012 Law Blog

What type of law should I specialize in? This is a question that crosses the minds of many college graduates and law school hopefuls when as the get closer to graduation. The same question often lingers even after taking on an internship at a law firm, or a judicial clerkship at a public institution. For […]

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5 Steps To Make Your Law Practice A Success!

by CherrellT February 23, 2012 Law Blog

For all the quality instruction and education that modern law schools provide these days, when it comes to teaching prospective attorneys the tools necessary to build a successful practice, faculties are falling ruefully short. Major law firms, insurance companies, and large corporations who recruit interns and junior attorneys right out of law school aren’t generally […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Law School Debt

by CherrellT February 13, 2012 General Law

Law school graduates have a lot to worry about these days. The job market is tight, many facets of legal work are being outsourced, competition in the professional field is high, and the economy is in the doldrums. Such are the facts of modern life for many professionals, but the sheer amount of debt that […]

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How the Web Is Changing the Practice of Law

by CherrellT February 10, 2012 Law Blog

Just like with many other professions and disciplines that require intellectual engagement, the legal profession has been transformed by the World Wide Web and other advances in Internet technology. One of the influential aspects of the Information Age seems to be the ability of the Internet to advance the construct of a global village by […]

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Why You Should Specialize in Corporate Law

by CherrellT February 8, 2012 General Law

Anyone who is considering a future as a legal practitioner should consider a recent report that appeared on the Birmingham Business Journal: the top law firms in Alabama aren’t necessarily looking for attorneys with Master of Law (LLM) degrees, unless they are looking for just one experienced lawyer to fill in a highly specialized position. […]

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Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Finances?

by CherrellT January 20, 2012 Law Blog

The handling of personal or business financial affairs should be conducted with the utmost care. Individuals commonly retain attorneys to help them with delicate financial matters that can’t otherwise handle themselves, or that fall beyond the scope of a financial planner, a bookkeeper or an accountant. Why should a person need to retain an attorney […]

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How To Ensure Your Estate Sale Is a Success

by CherrellT January 19, 2012 Law Blog

Estate sales are often a big sigh of relief for legal clients who have been through the arduous process of probate. An estate sale is seen as the last step in ensuring that the goods and property of the deceased are liquidated, something that must be approved by a judge or magistrate. In probate law, […]

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Dealing with Hard Money Lenders? 5 Ways to Protect Your Assets

by CherrellT January 11, 2012 General Law

Hard money lending has always been thought of as an unorthodox practice that pushes the boundaries of state lending regulations and usury laws. Hard money lenders operate in a lucrative private mortgage market that does not adhere to conventional credit and lending standards advocated by federal agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban […]

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5 Tips on Navigating Maritime Law

by CherrellT January 8, 2012 General Law

The practice of maritime or admiralty law in the United Kingdom dates back to the days of King Richard I the Lionheart. The King’s mother, Queen consort Eleanor of Aquitaine is credited with formally bringing maritime conventions to England which she learned during the Second Crusade. Instead of following the path of common law, admiralty […]

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When to Seek Advice on Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

by CherrellT January 6, 2012 General Law

In most jurisdictions, workers’ compensation is a right that protects employees from incurring into severe economic loss as result of an injury or ailment suffered as a result of a workplace accident or physical work conditions. Statutes set out the general provisions and clauses that the state agencies, employers and workers must follow in order […]

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Stress Solutions for Attorneys

by CherrellT December 31, 2011 Law Blog

As an attorney, stress comes with the job. Whether it’s working 70 hours a week or trying to balance the obligations of work and family, it’s very easy to become overly stressed. It’s imperative that you do whatever it takes to unwind. A consistent, high level of stress not only takes its toll on your […]

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Do I Really Need A DUI Attorney?

by CherrellT December 30, 2011 Law Blog

Anyone who has ever been taken to a detention center under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), ends up reflecting upon what the next move should be. There are multiple facts to consider and decisions to make. Making up one’s mind after a DUI arrest is not easy, particularly […]

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by CherrellT December 30, 2011 Law Blog

DWI and DUI are two legal acronyms which have entered the popular lexicon due to the increased attention given to offenses involving alcohol and the operation of vehicles. DWI typically stands for “driving while intoxicated”, while DUI is mostly used to describe the act of “driving under the influence.” The use of one acronym over […]

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Clients in Your Car – Reduce Your Liability

by CherrellT December 14, 2011 Law Blog

For many small business owners, the chances of one day having to play chauffeur to clients or prospects are pretty realistic. Entrepreneurs are often happy to oblige when it comes to tending to the needs of a client, and transportation is something so mundane and seemingly innocuous that no one ever stops to think about […]

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What Your Website Image Says About You

by CherrellT December 8, 2011 Law Blog

When it comes to marketing of legal services in the 21st century, no law firm or solo practitioner should be without a firm Internet presence. Online listings and advertisements for attorneys are everywhere these days: on social networking platforms, directories, AdWords, banner ads, blogs, publications, and more. These are all marketing fragments that should converge […]

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