Teen Debit Cards for Allowance and Budgeting All in One

by CherrellT November 6, 2011 Law Blog

As adults, we know that our credit scores affect major purchases, our insurance rates and, sometimes whether or not we get our dream job. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure our children grow to be financially independent. Prepaid debit cards can be a great tool for teaching children how to develop and maintain intelligent […]

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What Law School Looks Like Today

by CherrellT November 5, 2011 Law Blog

Interestingly enough law school is not like it was ten or twenty years ago. The face of law school is changing in response to the economic times. Eager students still enter the programs excited to get a degree, and look forward to the jobs that are waiting for them at the end of it all. […]

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Leasing Your Business Vehicle – Pros and Cons

by CherrellT October 23, 2011 Law Blog

In order to be competitive, businesses must spend their capital wisely. Companies need new technology almost daily it seems. The goal of any business is to increase profits while maintaining quality control standards. The company and its employees must have the right tools to maximize profits while still providing quality products, and services to their […]

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Laws Enacted to Control Global Warming

by CherrellT October 11, 2011 Law Blog

One look at the weather channel today will give you an idea of why global warming is an issue. The phenomenon of global warming is a hotly debated topic but whatever your beliefs are, there is obviously something going on. The sea levels are rising, heat waves are getting hotter, cold spells are getting colder […]

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How to Prevent a Mechanics Lien Against Your Property

by CherrellT October 4, 2011 Law Blog

Every homeowner is susceptible to mechanics liens and some may not even know what they are or how it happened. First, you should choose a licensed and bonded contractor, rather than someone with a small line ad in the newspaper or a person advertising their business on a phone pole flyer.  Otherwise you might end […]

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5 Questions for Your Personal Injury Attorney

by CherrellT October 2, 2011 Law Blog

If you’ve been injured on the job, in a car accident, or in any other setting, you may have to seek the help of an attorney to recover damages for your losses. Before you hire an attorney, though, there are certain qualities that he or she must possess in order to represent you in court. […]

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The Ups and Downs of Background Checks

by CherrellT October 1, 2011 Law Blog

The use of background checks is growing in popularity. What was mainly used for hiring is now seen as an everyday process in many capacities. We can get quite a bit of information just by checking into someone’s background—without even having a social security number. That is a little unnerving. Yes there are appropriate times […]

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Income Protection Coverage – What It Is and Isn’t

by CherrellT September 20, 2011 Law Blog

A person’s job and career is usually extremely important when it comes to being able to provide for a family and maintain financial stability. An individual can do everything in his power to ensure that he is always reliable and at work no matter what situation may arise. Unfortunately, there are sure to be times […]

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Life Insurance 101

by CherrellT September 17, 2011 Law Blog

The vast array of life insurance options available on today’s market can be mind boggling to the average consumer. Which is the best option? How can you choose? With a bit of research and some careful consideration of your family’s lifestyle and needs, you should be able to make the right choice. Below are a […]

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Truth in Lending Disclosure – In Layman’s Terms

by CherrellT September 10, 2011 Law Blog

This mandatory disclosure has made it much easier for the borrower to compare various loan offers in an “apples to apples” fashion. Truth in Lending is when a loan applicant is provided with a disclosure statement that gives all of the information associated with the loan. There are five different areas that will be listed […]

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