I am looking to divorce my spouse but I am worried about my children, how can I ensure that they are catered for in the divorce?

by ContactLaw November 30, 2011 Divorce

Ensuring that your children remain catered for even after a divorce is handled by the Child Support Agency (CSA). At the time of the petition for divorce, you and your spouse have to agree as to the arrangements for the children. It should be noted that if agreement is not reached it will not prevent […]

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Are they any future legal developments in the area of disability discrimination?

by ContactLaw November 18, 2011 Disability Discrimination

In order to understand what legal developments have occurred in disability discrimination it is advisable to know the basics of the law surrounding this topic.  The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) is the main piece of legislation that makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in their terms of employment, promotion opportunities, dismissal, […]

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If you have a child with your cohabiting partner do you automatically have parental responsibility?

by ContactLaw November 14, 2011 Cohabitation

A mother will always automatically have parental responsibility for their child. Parental responsibility refers to the bundle of rights and obligations that a parent has towards their child under the law. It is the legal concept of parental responsibility that allows a parent to make decisions on behalf of the child on matters such as […]

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A Decree Nisi was pronounced in my divorce proceedings, but since then no Decree Absolute has been pronounced. What can I do to ensure a Decree Absolute gets pronounced?

by ContactLaw November 4, 2011 Divorce

In divorce law a Decree Nisi tells you that your divorce is almost completed. It is considered as the second last stage to the proceedings of your divorce. The Decree Nisi occurs when either you or your spouse have both completed  an affidavit in front of a family law solicitor and filled in a form […]

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