After the Candy Crush Saga Hit Headlines, Could Your Trademark Be at Risk?

by Donna February 20, 2014 IP & Technology

Trademarks have once again it the headlines in recent weeks after the makers of the Candy Crush Saga game took legal action to prevent any other game developers from using the word “candy”. The company behind Candy Crush, have angered other game makers, some of whom have joined forces as part of a protest […]

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Types of Intellectual Property

by Donna October 1, 2013 IP & Technology

Those people outside the “creative” industries may not be aware of what constitutes intellectual property, but the definition may actually apply to everyone, and learning about the different types of intellectual property could prove to be very important. There are four types of IP: A patent A patent is designed to protect new inventions, the way […]

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Hiring a Trainee Lawyer – Is it worthwhile?

by Donna August 7, 2013 Employment Law

The majority of law firms across the UK are unwilling to offer training contracts due to concerns such as finding the time to train them, salary expectations and concerns that it will not benefit the company in any way. But there could be a number of benefits to hiring junior lawyers to help reduce the work […]

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