Online and Alternative Dispute Resolution Changes – more unecessary EU meddling ?

by evolvedlegal April 7, 2013 Mediation

In November 2011 the European Commission explained their desire for new legislation relating to both alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) and online dispute resolution (“ODR”). The relevant Directives have recently been approved by the European Parliament and from 2015 the new rules will become effective.  The aim of the changes, according to business law experts,  is […]

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Fraud survey – clear as mud ?

by evolvedlegal November 18, 2012 Fraud

A recent publication from the Home Office is certainly detailed and throws up some interesting facts, but on the whole, for a 90 page survey, the findings are very confusing. The report adopts a sectoral approach, not necessarily by reference to just business types, but with a starting point of attitudes and experience of fraud. […]

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One man’s ambulance chaser is another man’s brilliant marketeer

by evolvedlegal October 20, 2012 General Law

There can be little doubt that the legal profession is in the midst of unprecedented change and the inherent difficulties facing solicitors are not helped by the fact it remains very difficult for lawyers to walk the tightrope between being a business and professional regulation. In a marketplace which was already crowded by the surge […]

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A different kind of analytical lawyers

by evolvedlegal September 22, 2012 Law firm management

Lawyers spend most of their time being analytical, it is a fundamental part of the job and a fundamental skill to be a successful legal professional. It is perhaps therefore a paradox that there are still a significant number of law firms that don’t use analytics when it comes to knowing what their clients are […]

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UK Employment Law to be Streamlined for Employers

by evolvedlegal September 18, 2012 Employment Law

A new proposal has been made by the UK government in order to make streamlining adjustments to employment law in the UK. Vince Cable, the government’s Business Secretary, made the announcement about the employment law changes which are aimed towards providing companies with a greater confidence and flexibility with regards to managing their workforce. The […]

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Is online abuse the criminal law equivalent of libel ?

by evolvedlegal July 31, 2012 Criminal Law

There have been some high profile instances recently of the authorities taking very seriously the growing issue of online abuse, the latest of which came yesterday with the disgraceful tweets sent to Tom Daley. We suspect that like most people we agree that the action which is being taken, based on suspicion of malicious communications, […]

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Is it possible to negotiate a compromise agreement ?

by evolvedlegal July 23, 2012 Compromise Agreements

In short, the answer to the our question is yes – a compromise agreement is the form of settlement agreement used in employment law where employer and employee agree, mutually, that the employment relationship should end. Employers use these agreements as they provide finality, for almost everything which could otherwise result in a claim, with […]

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Constructive trusts

by evolvedlegal July 12, 2012 Property Law

What is a Constructive Trust? A constructive trust is a trust that can be imposed on parties by the court at equity, if it is just and reasonable to do so. This prevents certain parties from being unjustly enriched, particularly where the other party cannot claim an interest because of legal technicalities. This form of […]

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Overview of the controversial Child Support Act 1991

by evolvedlegal July 7, 2012 Family Law

The Child Support Act 1991 enables the assessment and collection of maintenance, or enforced collection of maintenance if need be, that is payable by parents who do not live in the family home and whose children are not under their care. The act was introduced by the government with the aim of eliminating the problem […]

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Divorce advice

by evolvedlegal June 12, 2012 Family Law

DIVORCE ADVICE – “DO YOU FEEL YOUR RELATIONSHIP COMING TO AN END?” I’m no longer happy in my marriage. Is divorce the right choice? To begin with, before actually considering divorce as an option, you should start by exploring the other available options in order to attempt to mend your relationship. It is extremely common […]

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