Things You Shouldn’t Say When Involved In A Traffic Stop

by gclatworthy December 9, 2012 Criminal Law

When you are involved in a routine traffic stop, the way you react to the police officer and what you say are very important. There are four things that you must keep in mind during a traffic stop; each of which could have an impact on your case if you are charged or arrested and […]

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How Law Enforcement Will Tackle Holiday Drunk Drivers

by gclatworthy December 6, 2012 Criminal Law

[US Law and General] For most people, the holidays are a time for celebration and relaxation. For others, the holidays can bring tragedy. During the holiday season, traffic accidents and deaths increase sharply as motorists turn to the stress of gift buying, visit friends, and engage in recreational alcohol consumption. Intoxicated motorists pose a significant […]

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Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Mandatory In All States?

by gclatworthy December 6, 2012 Motorbike Accidents

[US Law and General] Motorcycle riding can be a fun and exhilarating hobby and an exciting means of transportation, but it can also be deadly. As a result, many states have enacted helmet laws in an attempt to lessen the amount of highway fatalities involving motorcycle riders that occur each year. While these laws are […]

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Why Halloween’s No Treat If You’re Arrested For DUI

by gclatworthy October 4, 2012 Road Traffic Law

Halloween and ‘trick or treating’ is an American tradition and probably the favorite observance for most children across the country. Adults enjoy Halloween also, even though it is not a certified holiday. All local police departments are also aware of the tradition and as such anyone thinking they can drink and drive on Halloween may […]

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What Whistleblowing Is – And What It Is Not

by gclatworthy September 18, 2012 Corporate Actions

(US law) The public outcry associated with the collapse of the Enron Corporation established a social and financial focus on how malfeasance within a corporation can affect all of those connected to the company. The United States Congress was paying close attention and the result was the The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989. The legislation […]

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The Difference Between Wrongful Death and Murder

by gclatworthy September 17, 2012 Personal Injury

(US Law) Laws throughout the country can vary considerably depending upon what state a person is in. Some crimes that are considered felonies in one state may not even be a crime in another. The laws regarding deaths also differ between states, but there is usually a huge distinction between what is considered a wrongful […]

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DUI On Vacation – What Do You Do?

by gclatworthy August 16, 2012 Criminal Law

For many people, the idea of a vacation is inseparable from the idea of drinking. When people drink on vacation, legal dangers and responsibilities are probably the last thing on their minds. However, if you don’t pay attention and plan accordingly, your vacation – and your life – could be ruined by a single conviction […]

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The DUI Stop: What Should You Say?

by gclatworthy July 19, 2012 Criminal Law

(US Criminal Law) If you’re stopped for a suspected DUI, you will want to pull over and let the officer come to your vehicle. However, it’s not so much what you should say to the officer—the question is more about what you should not say. The following relates to US law and general. Different attorneys […]

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