Top Seven: World’s Most Bizarre Footballing Accidents

by hellen July 10, 2014 Lawyers

With the World Cup well and truly under way, like it or loathe it, football is the subject that is on everyone’s lips. No matter what you think of the Beautiful Game, you have to admit that a footballer’s life is a pretty enviable one: millions in the bank and a beautiful partner on your […]

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Recovery Scheme allows NHS to recover personal injury claimants’ treatment costs from insurers

by hellen December 18, 2013 Personal Injury

British health law enables the government to recover the cost of treatment people receive through the NHS when they receive personal injury compensation, such as following motor vehicle accidents or in workplace accidents. The NHS Injury Cost Recovery Scheme, which became health law on January 29th 2007, replaced the previously-existing Road Traffic Act scheme, which […]

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Do Technical Errors Lead To Surgical Negligence Claims?

by hellen August 26, 2013 Medical Law

In most settings, human error is to blame for accidents. The overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by distraction rather than mechanical faults, and accidents at work are caused by negligence rather than malfunctions. Recent research has shown that operating room errors cause a lot of clinical negligence claims. In fact, the BMJ Quality […]

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