Steps to Choosing the Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

by Illinoisinjurylawyer October 15, 2013 Law

Those who received an injury while they were in the workplace might find that they can receive workers’ comp benefits. The benefits could help them with their medical expenses as well as lost wages. In some instances, other damages might be available as well. Those who have been through an injury at work should always […]

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Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

by Illinoisinjurylawyer May 30, 2013 Lawyers

Anyone injured in any type of accident or event, or even by a product, could have a personal injury case and might well be considering legal action. Of course, if you are going to bring a lawsuit against an individual or a company, you will want to find someone who is going to be able […]

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What Makes for a Good Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, Illinois?

by Illinoisinjurylawyer May 8, 2013 Law

Whenever you are seeking a great personal injury attorney in Illinois, you have to take a step back to make sure that you know what the best should actually be offering. The following is a list of some of the traits that you should look for with your attorney. When you find the right attorney, […]

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Can a Victim of Negligence Recover Damages Even When Partly At Fault?

by Illinoisinjurylawyer January 24, 2013 Accident Claims

There are many instances in which more than one person’s negligence is responsible for an accident that results in physical injury or death. But what if the victim’s own careless actions were partly to blame? Can he or she still recover damages? In Illinois, the answer is “maybe”. The Old Rule – Contributory Negligence The […]

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