Things To Take Care Of While Making Deals On Property In UK

by IrwinMitchell January 4, 2013 Law

The worst part of any legal document is that it makes use of many terms which do not make any sense to us. To make it worse the sentences are also formed in such a way that they become ambiguous and it may take more than a concrete effort for a common man to understand […]

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What it takes to be a great lawyer

by IrwinMitchell October 16, 2012 Legal Careers

So, you want to be a lawyer? Maybe you read a story in the news recently about a young boy who suffered severe brain damage from a car accident and successfully filed a brain injury claim. Or, you heard about a new law being drafted to protect the environment. Every day, there are several inspirational […]

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Know Which Injury At Work Claims You Can Make

by IrwinMitchell September 20, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Prevention is better than cure” as it is fondly said. Accidents may occur anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Accidents at workplace are quiet common and they are hazardous too. Some injuries may be minor; others can have serious consequences leading to financial or emotional instability, permanent disability, sometimes even worse – death. These accidents can […]

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Permanent Partial Disability Claims

by IrwinMitchell March 16, 2012 Personal Injury

Each day workers are involved in serious on the job accidents than can result in life-changing injuries. Injured workers who sustain serious injuries that impair their ability to perform their job duties may be entitled to permanent partial disability claims. Those who receive permanent partial disability benefits from state agencies or a private workers compensation […]

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