Calling All Tenants: Here are Your Rights

by J-Snow October 1, 2013 Property Law

(US property law) If you’re renting, you have a lot of rights you may not realize. Each state has different laws, and because of that, it can get confusing. However, there are some pretty basic rights you have, no matter where you call home. Right Against Discrimination Image via Flickr by U.S. Mission Uganda Your landlord […]

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Legally Awkward: 9 Strange Lawsuits

by J-Snow September 26, 2013 Law

Lawsuits are not supposed to be joking matters, but sometimes they are ridiculous and funny. After all, it seems like people these days will file a suit for virtually any reason, even if it has no ostensible basis in reality. Here are nine of the strangest lawsuits. 1. The Inappropriate Essay A 56-year-old college student […]

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