5 Things to Do To Improve Automotive Safety before Getting in the Car

by JacobLittleDigirank April 1, 2013 Accident Claims

It’s no secret that we are all aware of the steps we can take while driving to improve our safety. Slowing down, taking more consideration and giving people more space can all reduce the amount of accidents on our roads. But what if, before we get in the car, we do more to make sure […]

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How To Make The Most Of Social Media For Your Law Firm

by JacobLittleDigirank March 12, 2013 Social Media

The world of social media constantly ebbs and flows with general marketing – what’s trending, who’s talking about what, who’s following who. It changes to map the mood of its users, and reflect the topics which are being discussed. ‘The reality is’ according to a recently published Guardian article, ‘you no longer drive company and […]

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How to Claim Holiday Accident Compensation

by JacobLittleDigirank January 6, 2013 Accident Claims

We are all afraid of the scenario of having to claim holiday accident compensation – but if you do, it’s vital to be aware of your rights and the law before any proceedings start. If you’ve been injured on holiday and someone else is to blame, legally you may be able to claim if the […]

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