The UK’s Claims Situation is the Car Accident

by jimloxley September 16, 2012 Accident Claims Law

The following article is by My Compensation’s Jim Loxley. My Compensation is a trusted car accident claims specialist based in London.– Over the past few years there has been a great deal of finger-pointing going on surrounding the UK’s issue of excessive car accident and whiplash claims being made (let’s ignore for a moment the […]

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Accident Compensation Referral Fees in the UK Legal System

by jimloxley September 7, 2012 Accident Claims Law

This contribution was made by Jim Loxley, a Director at accident compensation experts, My Compensation. – In the past 15 years or so in the UK, many accident compensation claimants have used claims specialists such as My Compensation to be put in touch with expert solicitors who you are particularly experienced in a given area […]

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Septic Shock Commonly Accompanies Advanced Pressure Ulcers

by jimloxley September 6, 2012 Personal Injury

Often the end result of a pressure sore that has been allowed to progress to an advanced, infected stage can be septic shock, also known as sepsis. This illness is brought on due to bacteria and other germs in the body, however it is the body’s response to these infections that cause septic stock. Once […]

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Londoner Wins £42,000 Car Accident Claim

by jimloxley August 25, 2012 Accident Claims Law

A young woman who is just 21 years of age has recently won a car accident claim totalling £42,000 in compensation. The claimant was mowed down by a speeding Honda Civic as it made its way through Chiswick High Road whilst engaged in a street race with another driver in a Porsche Boxster. The car […]

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MIB Pays Our Millions in Road Traffic Accident

by jimloxley August 16, 2012 Car Accidents

A multi-million pound road traffic accident case package has been approved for by a judge and then paid by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) after a biker was seriously injured in the incident. The MIB is an organisation tasked with the payment of compensation claims for road accidents where uninsured drivers were involved the crash. […]

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How the Cowboy Claims Companies Sidestep the Rules

by jimloxley August 9, 2012 Accident Claims

Working in accident compensation claims these days does bring with it something of a stigma. The problem has happened as a result of the UK’s so called ‘compensation culture’ which has been contributed to significantly by a small handful of bad-apple claims companies creating more accident compensation claims than there might otherwise be. They operate […]

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Insurers Slammed for Avoiding Asbestos Compensation

by jimloxley July 20, 2012 Accident Claims Law

In the past year or so, asbestos compensation claims have been increasingly appearing in the news. Around 50 years ago, the hazardous material asbestos was commonplace in British industry. Frequently used as a flame retardant in everything from race car suits to electrical cables, many workers such as electricians and mechanics would regularly be exposed to […]

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Cowboy Claims Companies Blamed for Spike in PI

by jimloxley July 9, 2012 Accident Claims

Claims management companies are coming under fire once more as a set of figures published by the Institute of Actuaries last week demonstrate a sharp rise in personal injury claims of late. It was reported that the proportion of personal injury accident compensation claims rose by around 18 per cent last year. Also reported in […]

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The First Drug-Driving Law Soon to be Introduced

by jimloxley May 23, 2012 Law

A reduction in personal injury claims could be seen following the introduction of new laws and procedures surrounding drivers found to be under the influence of drugs. The law changes will see a drug-driving offence created for the first time. Following the adjustments in law, police will not have to prove an impairment in the […]

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Mexico to Allow Compensation Claims for Organized Crime Victims

by jimloxley May 17, 2012 Law

The members of Congress in Mexico recently voted unanimously to approve a bill which ensures compensation claims can be made by the victims of organised-crime which happens within Mexico’s borders. The law will create a national body which will be tasked with recording crimes which happen of this nature, including forced disappearances and kidnapping. The […]

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