Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Debt

by johne1 April 23, 2013 Finance

These days, it is easier than ever to be approved for a credit card. Often times, credit card companies will even solicit people via e-mail and snail mail with pre-approval offers for credit cards. And while credit cards can work to one’s benefit and it can be tempting to accept these offers, the truth remains […]

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Laws about Outbound Cold Calling

by johne1 April 23, 2013 Law

When it comes to sales, there is that point where a sales person is required to cold call. Here, the sales person can either look out for new referrals, making a call to new clients, networking, or even chasing leads. This is not something that augurs well with a lot of salespeople. However, cold calling […]

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Top Tech Gadgets for Lawyers

by johne1 April 4, 2013 Law

The attorneys who use different types of equipment introduced by modern technology including smart phone, color printers, fax machine etc. are usually rewarded in legal profession. Some of the top gadgets lawyers can use for the ease of their profession are being discussed in brief in this article. 8 Most Useful Gadgets for Lawyers: The […]

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Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

by johne1 February 28, 2013 Law

Law and legal matters are the important things that we have to be well aware of all the time. There are different kinds of laws all over the world regarding different subjects. Among them, let us see some important ancient laws which are standing even today with great importance. 1) Animal rights: Using the animals […]

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