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What do VTech’s controversial new terms and conditions mean for customers?

by Wayne Beynon February 28, 2016 Law

Last week, cybersecurity experts and national media called on parents to boycott – or at least be extremely cautious of – Vtech’s electronic toys, in the wake of their newly released terms and conditions of use. Following the widely reported hacking scandal that took place in November last year, VTech – manufacturers of child-friendly technology […]

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Long running Kit Kat legal battle fails in EU courts

by Wayne Beynon September 24, 2015 IP & Technology

Confectionary multinational Nestle has this week failed to persuade European courts that it should grant the UK trademark request on the shape of its well-known chocolate bar, the Kit Kat. In a long-running case Nestle attempted to prove that the shape of the four-finger bar was what consumers used to identify it as a Kit […]

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Remarketing: a useful but risky online advertising strategy

by Wayne Beynon November 20, 2014 Law

As technology advances, so does the marketing and advertising industry, with companies using a myriad of automated online strategies in order to optimise their targeted advertising requirements. Remarketing is a form of targeted advertising, and an effective way that companies can draw in more business by advertising to people that are interested in their products. […]

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Tech industry backs Facebook’s fight to protect user privacy

by Wayne Beynon September 1, 2014 IP & Technology

When Edward Snowden revealed the true extent of the USA’s digital surveillance programme last summer, the world’s underlying fears about how social media giants Facebook use private data was brought to the forefront of our consciousness. Following the news that Facebook had co-operated with the US Government in supplying users’ personal data, public scepticism of […]

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Is linking under attack in Europe?

by Wayne Beynon August 12, 2014 Law

Nicknamed the ‘Google Fee’, new legislation in Spain requires news aggregators to compensate publishers financially if they link to their content. Aggregators that fail to pay publishers can now be fined anywhere between €30,000 and €300,000. Spanish websites can still provide links and hyperlinks to other sites, but they will have to pay for the […]

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China ups its intellectual property game – or does it?

by Wayne Beynon February 14, 2014 Law

Intellectual property registrations increase in the East as China embraces the global IP landscape, says Wayne Beynon, one of a team of IP lawyers at Capital Law. A new report by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) shows that the number of intellectual property (IP) filings in 2012 was significantly higher than those at the height of the financial crisis […]

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Ofcom concludes final wave of online copyright infringement research

by Wayne Beynon November 14, 2013 Law

The final wave of the Ofcom Online Copyright Infringement Tracker covering March – May 2013 has been published. The latest report, which has been funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and undertaken by Kantar Media, follows on from the previous studies: Wave 1 (May – July 2012), Wave 2 (Aug – Oct 2012) […]

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The new gTLDs: Practical tips for businesses and brands

by Wayne Beynon September 10, 2013 Law

In the second part of my series on the new gTLDs (read the first instalment here), we discuss the potential for trademark infringement that this new era of domain names has ushered in, and what companies and brands can do about it. While the new gTLDs provide new and exciting opportunities for brands to promote themselves […]

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The new gTLDs – what’s next for the internet domain name landscape?

by Wayne Beynon September 2, 2013 Law

The introduction of new generic top level domains (gTLDs) is set to change the game in online brand protection when ICAAN announces the new generation of gTLDs over the months ahead, says IP lawyer Wayne Beynon. But first a little background. On 20th June 2011 ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) board voted to end […]

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Sky takes on Microsoft in SkyDrive trademark infringement case

by Wayne Beynon July 18, 2013 Law

Wayne Beynon, an Intellectual Property lawyer at London and Cardiff based law firm, Capital Law, analyses the situation between the two technology giants. Sky has won a trademark infringement case against Microsoft for using the SkyDrive name for its cloud storage service. The High Court case was the first round of what is likely to be an […]

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KitKat Take a Break to Consider Next Move

by Wayne Beynon July 17, 2013 Law

Wayne Beynon, Intellectual Property lawyer at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law, investigates the latest round in the Cadbury’s v KitKat trademark battle… Earlier this month Nestlé lost a UK trademark ruling to protect the unique shape of its four finger KitKat chocolate bar, despite claiming victory in the EU earlier this year. […]

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Citizen journalism and media image rights: the rules of engagement

by Wayne Beynon June 28, 2013 Law

Sion Clwyd Roberts, one of a team of media and IP lawyers at Capital Law, talks social media and its role within modern news media coverage. Citizen journalism, or user generated content, as it is known in media circles, has been making an increasing impact on the media landscape as smart phones have turned everyone […]

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Gangnam Style & Harlem Shake: The New Era of Music Copyright

by Wayne Beynon May 1, 2013 Law

Wayne Beynon, one of a team of IP lawyers at Capital Law, investigates how the virality of modern day music videos and songs is changing the direction of copyright law for music rights holders. We’re all aware of the short lived viral music trends that sweep the internet, spawning new dance routines, hashtags and even […]

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Whose Book Is It Anyway?

by Wayne Beynon May 1, 2013 Law

The self publishing phenomenon is transforming the literary landscape, but what rights do self published authors have? Wayne Beynon, one of the Media & IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law explains. The literary world is evolving as never before. The cost of paper is rising year on year, and according to Amazon founder, […]

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When your brand is banned

by Wayne Beynon March 28, 2013 Law

Wayne Beynon, one of a team of Media and IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law, talks trademark infringement. The thorny topic of trademark infringement is a story that regularly rears its ugly head on the news and business pages, with companies both local and international often falling victim to trademark violations, […]

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Intellectual property legal system overhauled for SMEs

by Wayne Beynon March 13, 2013 Business Law

A small claims track has been introduced for SME Intellectual Property cases, explains Wayne Beynon, one of a team of Media & IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law. The close of 2012 saw the launch of the new ‘small claims track’ for intellectual property cases. The new process, introduced by the […]

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Interest rate swap mis selling: Is there a way out?

by Wayne Beynon January 29, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Andrew Brown is a Partner at London and Cardiff based law firm Capital Law. Andrew is an expert in dispute avoidance advice and representing clients at mediations, adjudications and arbitrations. Andrew also specialises in urgent injunction work, particularly concerning the enforcement of employee restrictive covenants and securing the return of confidential information. In recent years […]

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I’m Dreaming of a Fake Christmas…

by Wayne Beynon December 20, 2012 IP & Technology

Wayne Beynon, is one of the team of IP lawyers at Cardiff and London based law firm, Capital Law, with a particular expertise in intellectual property disputes, including claims for trademark infringement, passing off, design right infringement and patent infringement. With fake goods flooding the UK at an unprecedented rate, our counterfeit culture is growing as […]

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