Karla Somers

C-Sections: Are You at Risk of Catching on Fire?

by Karla Somers November 7, 2012 Clinical medical negligence

Although it may sound far fetched, some women who have undergone a c-section have actually caught on fire as a result of this procedure. There are always risks with any type of surgery, but this particular risk is not one that is generally discussed in advance. It is always a good idea to know exactly […]

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Business Contract Disputes: Know When to Call a Lawyer

by Karla Somers July 29, 2012 Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Business contracts provide a form of private law by which various parties must abide. These contracts represent an understanding between two parties on the duties and responsibilities that they are to carry out. In a perfect world, business entities would respect contracts and fulfill their obligations. In the real business world, this does not happen. […]

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Domestic Violence: Knowing Your Rights

by Karla Somers June 29, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

(US Law) Domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior that occurs within an intimate relationship. It is a scenario where one spouse administers unwarranted treatment upon the other. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, it is imperative that you seek legal aid to forestall this trend, especially because the effects of […]

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