David Faltz

Hollywood Violence and Our Brutal Culture: Are They Related?

by David Faltz July 16, 2013 Criminal Law

Violence is nothing new in Hollywood—just look at the first true narrative film ever made. The Great Train Robbery (though it was made in New Jersey and not in Hollywood) was a 12-minute film that followed two bandits as they hold a station operator at gunpoint, knock the engineer unconscious, and rob the passengers, shooting […]

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Why You Want One on Your Side

by David Faltz November 27, 2012 Lawyers

While nobody ever really wants to have to make a phone call to a motorcycle accident lawyer, there may be a time where you unfortunately will need to consider doing so. The reality of life is accidents can and do happen. Whether one can happen to you is simply a roll of the dice. But […]

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