The Aging Population and the Future of Social Security

by Lilly January 14, 2014 Human Rights Law

In the bleak futuristic film Children of Men, the world’s population has been afflicted with an unnamed condition that means women can no longer become pregnant- the population is aging and there are no more younger people around to take up the slack. While the film is the product of a Hollywood screenwriters imagination, the […]

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How To Manage Your Finances Post-Divorce

by Lilly December 9, 2013 Divorce

Going through a separation is hard enough as it is, without even considering the financial changes your about to undergo. Unfortunately, you have to consider those changes in order to create a better future for yourself and any children you have with your ex-partner. The longer you put that organization off, the worse it will […]

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Health In The Workplace: What To Do If A Disability Renders You Unable To Work?

by Lilly November 21, 2013 Health Law

Life is strange. Just when you’re really getting into something or really enjoying your life, it throws you a curveball. Think of it as a challenge. A lesson to be learned. Those lessons and challenges come in every shape and form, and some are not that nice.  In fact, they can be downright horrible. So […]

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Which is Better: Divorce & Bankruptcy or Bankruptcy & Divorce?

by Lilly October 15, 2013 Divorce

During the occurrence of a divorce, you will most likely have many questions that you have thought of or should ask your attorney so that you are well prepared beforehand. Many marriages end in divorce because of disagreements on finances and in some cases, your questions may revolve around bankruptcy and debt that has occurred […]

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Patent Fight in the Tech Sector and Their Possible Consequences

by Lilly October 2, 2013 Intellectual Property

Patent infringement law suits are a never ending battle between big tech firms like Apple and Samsung. It’s a battle that never sleeps, there’s almost always a suit either ongoing or about to start in these areas. The question is, what kind of effect will this have on customers? Apple vs. Samsung An example of […]

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Dealing with a Disability: How to Ensure You Are Getting the Right Help

by Lilly September 23, 2013 Medical Law

Do you have celiac disease? These days, it seems that more and more people are suffering from the gluten sensitivity disorder. Although most people (and employers) think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covering issues like wheelchair access and handicapped-accessible bathrooms, the act actually covers a lot more issues- even celiac disease. How does […]

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Biggest Business Tax Scandals

by Lilly September 3, 2013 Tax evasion

Everyone loves a good tax scandal. Tax scandals are present all around the world. Most businesses try to avoid as many taxes as they possibly can (because all businesses in the United States are taxed at 40 percent, as of 2012), because they want to increase profits. However, when large companies get caught engaging in […]

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The Legal Side of Music for Your Marketing Campaign

by Lilly August 16, 2013 Business

Before you select a song for your commercial or viral video, there are a couple of things you need to know about the legal use of it in a marketing campaign. No matter how big or small your business is for a commercial or however you plan to use the music in for brand, be […]

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Life or Death Guidelines for Constructing a New Business Building

by Lilly August 9, 2013 Business

Constructing a new building is one of the most regulated industries out there. When it is finally time to move out of your old, run down building and have a new glorious structure built for you it can be a great time for your business. However, before you get too far into the procedure there […]

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What to Do if an Injury Occurs at Work

by Lilly July 3, 2013 Accident Claims Law

Many jobs, including those in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural industries, can lead to injuries at work. If you become disabled due to factors at work—even if the disability was not caused by a single event—you will often qualify for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is financial support provided by your employer to cover the expense […]

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PPI Scandal: The Positive and the Negative

by Lilly June 29, 2013 PPI Claims

Beginning in the late 1990’s, Payment Protection Insurance or PPI’ policies were sold along with mortgages, loans and credit cards, in order to pay off the amount owed if a borrower ever became sick or lost their job. And while in theory, PPI is a smart investment, a widespread scandal regarding the mis-selling of PPI […]

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The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment: What You Need To Know

by Lilly June 20, 2013 Construction and Engineering

An environmental site assessment is important when it comes to constructing any building, whether it’s for business or residential purposes, and this assessment can vary greatly, depending on the city or country. Construction on a new building close to the Berlin Central Train Station was delayed in early 2013 after an unexploded WW2 bomb was found […]

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Laws Bloggers Need to Know

by Lilly June 19, 2013 Blogging

Blogging is a widely used method for everyday people to share their writing, projects, thoughts, and ideas. It is so incredibly easy to get a blog up and going that it can almost seem as if there are no restrictions or limitations on those who call themselves bloggers. This common misconception can lead to a […]

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Ethical and legal dilemmas in healthcare

by Lilly June 13, 2013 Health Law

Like any profession there are dilemmas that occur in health care where it is hard to determine the right solution. Below are some of the top ethical and legal dilemmas in healthcare today. Malpractice To prove that malpractice has occurred a person must prove that the care was below the standard for the condition, a […]

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A Narration about Types of Lawyers

by Lilly May 24, 2013 Law

In order to maintain rules and regulations in the country, the government of the country designs a set of orders which are basically needed to follow by all the citizens of the country which helps to maintain peace and justice in the country. That written rules by the government is called as law and order. […]

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Sperm Bank Law 101- Legal Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Sperm Donor

by Lilly April 24, 2013 Family Law

The theme of donating sperm has become quite popular over the years. Thanks to movies, television shows, music, and other pop culture contributions, the idea of a donor offering up his “stuff” has been publicized and talked about rather heavily. However, after taking a look at the facts that run parallel to donating sperm, it’s […]

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Can a Beard Spoil a Promising Legal Career?

by Lilly March 27, 2013 Lawyers

The job of a lawyer is all about trustworthiness, or at least looking trustworthy, so appearance is not a factor to be neglected. A sector where hundreds compete for any well-paying job, making the first impression can be absolutely crucial. So what about the beard? Is it going to hold you back? Should you just […]

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Looking Beyond Your Sports Ticket Purchase

by Lilly March 20, 2013 Law

Sports tickets are sold by the millions to every sport you can imagine.  Fans buy their ticket and look forward to the thrill of the game and the roar of the crowd. But is that all you get with that ticket? It seems simple enough, your money for a seat. But are you inadvertently agreeing […]

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A Brief History Of Energy Laws

by Lilly February 21, 2013 Environmental Law

(Mainly based on energy laws from the USA) 1)      1954 – The Atomic Energy Act was introduced controlling nuclear accident liability and use of atomic materials. 2)      1963 – Clean Air Act: Air pollution research was authorised and automobile emission standards established. 3)      1969 – Council on Environmental Policy was established via the National Environmental […]

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Food and Funny Laws: strangest gastronomical laws

by Lilly February 14, 2013 Law

Starting your own family business can be a very exciting venture, especially when it comes to the restaurant industry.  Serving food can be a really intimate and enjoyable profession but, as with many small business ventures, it can be incredibly stressful.  Not many aspiring restaurant owners think about the legal process of purchasing the property […]

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Law Office Design: Furnishing Your Workspace

by Lilly January 30, 2013 Business

Establishing a new legal office is an exciting project that can truly shape the public image of your practice and shape the nature of your relationship with your clients.  Whether your legal firm has a large budget for remodeling and design, or if you are a smaller firm that wants to have a more targeted […]

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The Craziest Driving Laws You’ve Never Heard Of

by Lilly January 15, 2013 Blawg

Almost every country in the world has crazy or archaic laws in one jurisdiction or another, but one common denominator is that massive amounts of these crazy laws are related to driving. Whether the law is nonsensical (like not being able to drive a black car on sundays in Denver) or just plain common sense […]

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Five Essential Terms to Have in A Rental Agreement

by Lilly January 14, 2013 Estate Agency

When signing a rental agreement, your whole future may be on the line—and not just for the time that you will live at the rental property in question. Of the nearly endless list of things that can possibly go wrong during your lease term, many of them present issues that could stick with you for […]

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Behind the IRS audits

by Lilly January 2, 2013 Tax evasion

(US Law) An IRS audit is an investigation of your finances and tax returns by US authorities in order to verify the correct amount of your taxes. IRS audit can be intimidating for most of the people. You never know when IRS is going to request your documents and start an investigation, that’s why you […]

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Legal Aspects of Artificial Insemination

by Lilly January 1, 2013 Family Law

Artificial insemination gained wide popularity over the past decade. Infertility and impotence make people search for alternative ways to conceive and expand their families. Millions of women were finally able to get pregnant and have a child via IVF and other methods of insemination. Doctors use semen from woman’s husband or anonymous donors to inject […]

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