How to Prevent Occupational Hazards

by lilycarter01 December 10, 2012 Law

Safety management is a very important criterion for any organisation’s smooth functioning. If you run a workplace, then you should ensure that your employees are safe from all kinds of occupational hazards at all times. An employee can be exposed to many different types of occupational hazards every day. So as an organisation, you need […]

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Forex- The Legit Way

by lilycarter01 August 26, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

In July 2010, the Daily Finance website carried an interesting report on weird laws in many parts of the world. For instance, the law in Italy that imposes a $430 fine on unsuspecting tourists feeding pigeons in Bergamo or the Mexican law that prohibits a cyclist from lifting either foot off the pedals of the […]

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International Money Transfer Laws

by lilycarter01 August 25, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

People working overseas need to be able to send their earnings back home to their loved ones. Banks and money transfer companies allow citizens to transfer money between states and countries. Strict regulations are required especially for international money transfers as sensitive information and huge amounts of cash are involved. Transfers need to be monitored […]

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Tips on Hiring a Good Criminal Lawyer

by lilycarter01 August 24, 2012 Criminal Law

Hiring a good criminal lawyer is not easy. This is because although there are many talented and gifted criminal lawyers out there practicing, not all of them would suit you or your case. Hiring a well suited criminal lawyer is a problem, especially if you are a law abiding citizen who has had hardly any […]

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Ways to Minimize Divorce Costs

by lilycarter01 March 5, 2012 Family Law

Divorce can be an extremely costly procedure for both the people involved. Expenses further increase if it is a contested divorce and if both parties disagree on most matters. In such situations there are more court sessions in order to enable the judge to make decisions based on divorce laws regarding the division of property, […]

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