Benefit Fraud: A Common Sense Guide

by MelissaDwyer October 15, 2013 Fraud

The consequences of benefit fraud can be serious, with significant fines and even a prison sentence in some cases. Everyone convicted of benefit fraud will be required to repay all the money received through false pretences. It is not uncommon to be accused of benefit fraud where there is no basis for this, so it […]

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Using a Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Claim

by MelissaDwyer September 26, 2013 Accident Claims Law

One of life’s guarantees is the uncertainty of how life itself will turn out. From one moment to the next, we don’t know what it’s going to throw our way. Just for these reasons alone, it’s imperative that you protect yourself in advance, so that you are prepared if something happens out of the blue. […]

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Retail sector faces ‘even worse’ year for corporate insolvency

by MelissaDwyer September 7, 2013 Business Law

The pace of retail insolvencies in 2013 so far is on track to make the full year ‘even worse’ than 2012, according to figures from the Centre for Retail Research. In the eight months to the end of August, the centre’s ‘Who’s Gone Bust?’ report tracked 39 company failures in the retail sector, affecting 2,153 […]

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First-Time Buyers Beware – Navigating the Purchasing Pitfalls

by MelissaDwyer August 27, 2013 Business Law

Buying your first home is exciting but not without its difficulties. There are many important issues to think about, so consider these key points to successfully negotiate your house move. Budget Carefully In the last few years it has been extremely difficult to get a mortgage as banks have been reluctant to lend unless you […]

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