Seniors and Driving: Should We Be Assessing an Elderly Loved One’s Ability to Drive?

by mightymidnighty June 30, 2013 Law

As a society, we highly value our independence. We do not like to be beholden to anyone, whether it be for money, food, or even seemingly trivial favors like rides to and from work or home. However, as we get older, we stand to lose our independence little by little. While we can appreciate senior […]

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The Controversy Surrounding Field Sobriety Tests: Are They Reliable?

by mightymidnighty June 17, 2013 Law

Police officers have a variety of methods available to them when it comes to determining whether or not a driver is intoxicated and driving under the influence. Out of all of these methods, however, many officers use a field sobriety test as a preliminary examination in making this determination. While this test remains a commonly […]

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Avoid or Engage? What Should You Do If You Witness An Accident?

by mightymidnighty June 14, 2013 Blawg

Witnessing an accident can put an individual in a position of having to think fast and making a split-second judgment decision. Many people will not get involved as a matter of personal policy, but there are situations where an individual is legally required to stop and contact officials. Of course, when an individual is involved in the accident […]

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Driving in Florida This Summer? Move Over–It’s The Law

by mightymidnighty June 7, 2013 Law

To address the high number of accidents that were being caused by motorists in connection with first responders, law enforcement and emergency officials, legislators in 46 states have passed Move Over Laws. In Florida, the bill was passed in 2002 as a more effective way to protect law enforcement officers and emergency personnel on Florida’s […]

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The Jones Act of 1920: Interesting Basics of Maritime Law

by mightymidnighty June 6, 2013 Law

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, commonly called The Jones Act, was implemented to clarify which transportation and shipping companies could operate in United States territorial waters. International shipping security became an important issue following World War I. The legislation set requirements for ship identification and ensured that the crews of the cargo ships were […]

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