Molly P.

How to Recognize Signs of Negligence at a Nursing Home

by Molly P. June 16, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

It is an unfortunate fact that many elderly adults have been abused by caregivers in a variety of settings. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities pose a particular issue, since loved ones are usually not in the vicinity, making seniors more vulnerable to abuse. Therefore, loved ones need to be aware of this problem and […]

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The Role of Medical Care & Documentation in Workers’ Comp Claims

by Molly P. April 18, 2013 Accident Claims

Being injured while on the job can be a very disheartening occurrence. The thought of a person being prevented from earning money by being injured at the place that they earn that money is sometimes more than some can deal with. Luckily, workers’ compensation insurance, in most cases, takes care of people injured while at […]

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The Points are Stacked Against You: 5 Advantages of a Defensive Driving Class

by Molly P. November 10, 2012 General Law

(US law and generally) Getting a drivers license is a happy day in the lives of many teens. The process of ensuring they have adequate driving skills is established by a driving test with a designated tester for the particular state. The usual process is an initial permit to allow legal driving practice with an […]

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