3 Common Types of Commercial Litigation Cases

by MrMilesYoung February 6, 2014 Commercial Law

(US law/generally) Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in litigation, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. It’s important, then, that you understand a few of the more common types of commercial litigation cases. If you find yourself in a case, chances are that your case falls into one of the three most common categories: Breach of Contract In […]

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What to Do If You Fall Victim To Ridiculous Laws

by MrMilesYoung January 3, 2014 Conflict Resolution

There are several really stupid laws that litter the books. However, no matter how asinine you may think those laws are, they are still laws and you can still fall prey to them in the courts. Here are a few of those ludicrous laws and what to do if you find yourself on the wrong […]

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Can the Government Track You Through Technology Without Warrant?

by MrMilesYoung September 29, 2013 Privacy

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about personal privacy, government limits, and personal technology. News continues to come out about the government tracking individuals’ locations through GPS tracking devices and personal cell phones. The Fourth Amendment comes into question to whether these actions are lawful. A Supreme Court Ruling on GPS tracking, and a […]

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6 Cost and Legal Policy Considerations of BYOD

by MrMilesYoung September 19, 2013 Company Law

Employers and employees both find BYOD (“bring your own device”) an attractive concept. Employers would love to do away with the enormous monthly costs of buying, maintaining and supporting a large network of company-owned devices. Employees like the idea of choosing their own smartphones, laptops, operating systems, apps and accessories. Is this new trend right […]

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