The Liabilities Associated with Having A Liquor License

by Nickey September 2, 2013 Law

Retail establishment owners who obtain a liquor license are almost guaranteed to see their profits increase. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, convenience store or a business in an alcohol-serving venue, selling liquor is bound to attract new customers. But along with a liquor license comes increased legal liabilities. As the business owner, you are […]

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What To Do When A Breach Of The Peace Turns Into Assault

by Nickey August 22, 2013 Assault

Neighbors argue and bicker all over the United States on a regular basis, especially in areas where people live in close proximity. This problem can also arise in rural areas as well as urban areas, and the inability of law enforcement officers to respond to a disturbance call can allow the situation to escalate. What […]

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The History of the Speeding Ticket and Where We Are Today!

by Nickey June 14, 2013 Criminal Law

The practice of writing legal citations for speeding has evolved over time, as the primary form of transportation has shifted from the horse-drawn carriage to motorized vehicles. The need for traffic standards was realized early on in the transition, but the process seems to have begun by one New York police officer. The first ticket […]

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How to Train an Aggressive Dog: Property Safety Measures

by Nickey March 16, 2013 Personal Injury

An aggressive dog is typically not born into this world with a mean demeanor. Whether their behavior is a result of abuse, lack of training or fear, it’s an owner’s responsibility to protect both the dog and others by finding positive ways to train them.  Be the Leader A dog respects an owner that is […]

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What to Expect While Caring for A Child With TBI

by Nickey March 1, 2013 Law

Every year, it is estimated that around 1.5 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The impact upon families, particularly when a child is involved, is enormous. Listed below you will find some information on what may occur and some solutions on how to deal with this unfortunate and potentially devastating injury.  Range of Injury  […]

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Car Insurance: Are You Truly Covered?

by Nickey February 17, 2013 Law

(US law and issues) Choosing car insurance policies can be challenging. However, the below pointers should make it easier to select the type of coverage required so that you are complying with laws and also have peace of mind. Compliance Each state usually requires that all drivers carry a certain amount and type of car […]

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