10 Things We Can Learn from Texas’ Economy

by primorudy November 21, 2013 Law

Although the National Bureau of Economic Research declared that the Great Recession ended some time ago, the nation as a whole still does not have an economy to be proud of. Many states still have unemployment rates hovering around 9%, leading liberals and conservatives across the nation to debate the best way to rejuvenate the […]

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My Financial Planner Lost my Retirement. Do I Have Any Recourse?

by primorudy October 25, 2013 Law

(US Law & generally) This post has been provided by Goodwin & Scieszka and is an actual question that has been asked. Read on, as you may be able to interpret some of the points made in this article and apply them to your own specific case. Like any other person, you’ve probably been working […]

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Other Than the Price, What is the Difference Between Comp Full Coverage and PLPD?

by primorudy October 15, 2013 Insurance

Anyone owning a car in Michigan has made the decision between full coverage compensation and Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD). Sometimes, the decision is made for them. Many people still don’t know the difference between the two, even though it is important to know which is best for you. Most people know there is […]

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Reasons Why Dogs Bite People

by primorudy September 7, 2013 Law

Dogs bite people more than 800,000 times annually in the United States. In nearly 20 cases, on average, the bites (or attack) result in a human fatality. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are just over 78 million dogs kept as pets in America, thus there is roughly a one in […]

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25 Questions About Personal Injury Lawyers from Yahoo Answers

by primorudy August 26, 2013 Law

1. How much do personal injury attorneys charge? There are two ways in which personal injury lawyers charge clients for their services: contingency fees and hourly fees. The first option is the most popular. You only pay if a settlement is reached, and the attorney collects a predetermined percentage of it. Hourly fees are less […]

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