What does warrant for restitution mean for the eviction process?

by propertyreclaim August 29, 2013 Property

A key element of property law, rental agreements are generally excellent for both parties, particularly when you choose your tenants carefully. Choosing your tenants is the most important thing you will do as a landlord. Many landlords will not accept housing-benefit claimants because if legal action became necessary, the landlord would not have the option […]

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Accelerated Possession – what is it all about?

by propertyreclaim July 31, 2013 Property Law

(Property law; England & Wales) When can it be used? A landlord is only permitted to use accelerated possession if the tenancy is either shorthold or statutory periodic (which is when a shorthold tenancy has ended, but the tenant stays in the property with the landlord’s agreement. The tenancy terms do not change.)There must be […]

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Evicting Tenants from Shared Houses

by propertyreclaim July 17, 2013 Property

Many landlords find themselves asking whether they can evict tenants from shared housing. They also question whether it is a different process from evicting tenants who have a single or joint tenancy. It is worth looking at this legal process and whether you can evict just one tenant from a shared house. Whether you can […]

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