Partnership v LLP – Which is best? There’s only one way to find out…

by Ralli June 25, 2012 Business Law

On a regular basis, I receive queries from business clients trying to find the most suitable business vehicle to suit their commercial (and personal) needs. As is so often the way in life, there is never a perfect match and therefore careful thought should be given to choosing the most appropriate business vehicle for you. […]

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Ministers propose instant pay offs to avoid employment tribunals

by Ralli June 12, 2012 Employment Law

The government’s proposal is of little help to employers in real terms. As any employer who has had the unfortunate experience of being taken to an employment tribunal knows, the true cost lies in actually defending the proceedings rather than the cost of any award made. The median award for unfair dismissal currently stands at […]

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Additional punishment for fine avoiders

by Ralli May 28, 2012 Debt Recovery

Tom Whitehead (Telegraph) reports today that “charges of at least £15 a time will be added to outstanding court fines for any offender who fails to pay up on time. ” Fines are usually imposed for a wide variety of minor offences and quite often are imposed on people who are in a position whereby […]

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Criminal footballers: Right to return?

by Ralli May 24, 2012 Criminal Law

Luke McCormick is to pick up where he left off it appears, and will once again enjoy the trappings of a footballer’s lifestyle. In my view, the footballer existence is what led Mr McCormick to the steps of the court and ultimately to the gates of the prison he spent a short time in. His […]

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The Controversial Beecroft Report: Employment Law Reforms

by Ralli May 23, 2012 Employment Law

There is little doubt that the proposal to allow “no-fault” dismissals contained in the Beecroft report (published yesterday, following a leak to the Daily Telegraph) should be consigned to the bin. The rationale behind the proposal was that businesses employing fewer than 10 employees would have a fail-safe way of removing ‘unproductive’ staff, thereby encouraging […]

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Managing the finances of a law firm: Donns collapsed owing £2.4m to Co-op Bank

by Ralli May 22, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Managing the finances of a law firm, especially in the current climate, is very demanding – but of course I would say that. However, what went so wrong here? A well respected firm in a fine city, operating in a buoyant market too. And financed by that most prudent of banks, Co-op. The clue is […]

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Barristers May Strike Over Legal Aid Fees

by Ralli May 18, 2012 Criminal Law

The Criminal Bar has it seems had its voice heard at last. All too often the press publish the fees of the highest paid solicitors and barristers from public funding but do not publish what the “average” remuneration for a 12 month period is. Quite often a case which pays a significant amount in fees […]

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The Crisis in Care for the Elderly

by Ralli May 16, 2012 Personal Injury

The recent open letter to the government organised by the Care and Support Alliance, calling on the government to look into care reforms now as an urgent priority, should make uncomfortable reading for all. The fact that social care is in crisis at the moment is universally accepted, and with the ageing baby boomer generation, […]

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In the spotlight: Perverting the course of justice

by Ralli May 15, 2012 Criminal Law

Perverting the course of Justice is an offence which can only be heard before a judge and jury therefore the first appearance although it is before a Magistrates court will merely be a matter of administration to “send” the case to the crown court. It will only involve the defendants identifying themselves and then the […]

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Yahoo to investigate chief executive’s academic credentials

by Ralli May 11, 2012 Employment Law

Grapevine HR report that Yahoo are to investigate claims that their chief executive, Scott Thompson, “embellished his academic credentials” on his CV. This particular example looks to be something of a storm in a teacup since it is not in dispute that Thompson holds a Bachelor’s degree – merely the exact subjects he holds the […]

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