Emerging Legal Trends Are Changing the Course of Legal Professionals

by Ryancaulker August 29, 2012 General Law

For the first time ever, the U.S. is experiencing a multi-generational workforce consisting of Generation X & Y, the Baby Boomers and Traditionalist. With four generations attempting to labor together in the single workplace, comes a unique set of challenges and dynamics. As millions of Baby Boomers begin make their way toward retirement, Generation Z […]

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Tips to earn Mandatory CLE credits

by Ryancaulker August 6, 2012 Law

(Applicable to US attorneys) You’re out of law school now. Perhaps you’ve been out for quite a while. Although there are still rules and regulations, the game you’re in is far less structured or organized than the one governed by academic boards, deans, and advisors. There are no grades anymore, aside from success and failure. […]

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