Victims of Pollution

by RyanD January 16, 2014 Environmental Law

Exposure to pollution is no joke, particularly when it is in the form of hazardous or toxic waste. Today, the United States federal government has many restrictions and regulations in place that manage the disposal of hazardous waste. However, this was not always the case; earlier in history, companies could pollute without control or repercussions. […]

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Enjailed but need to get out quickly?

by RyanD December 17, 2013 Arrest

Being in jail can cause a variety of problems with one’s mental and physical health and lifestyle, whether he or she is in jail for years or even for just a few days. For one thing, people who are in jail, even for a short amount of time, can find their careers and personal relationships […]

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The Jury Duty Experience

by RyanD December 13, 2013 Business

Jury duty is a part of life that most citizens have to go through. It is a simple way of giving back to the community by serving as a peer to an accused. The selection of jurors is done through a randomized process that draws from the most recent voters list. The jury comes together […]

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Legal Issues One Faces When Drilling for Oil

by RyanD December 11, 2013 Environmental Law

 The oil industry is one of the largest operations in the world, with oil companies worldwide collectively generating more than 82 million barrels of oil per day. Despite oil’s purported plenteousness and lucrative nature, the legal aspects of drilling for oil are technical, complex, and onerous. Permits: Where and When Can Drilling Occur? In order […]

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Criminal Cases and Civil Cases

by RyanD December 4, 2013 Criminal Law

Legal matters that result in court time can be of two types: criminal or civil. Criminal matters refer to those cases where a violation of a state or federal criminal code has taken place, resulting in adjudication and small claims matters between parties under a specific dollar amount (as an example a landlord-tenant dispute). There […]

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The Sentencing Process

by RyanD December 4, 2013 Law

The sentencing process in the United States may sound complicated, but it does follow an established formula. A criminal sentence follows the legal ramifications associated with a conviction in a court of law. Sentences range from probation and fines to incarceration and even death. Other sentences include payment to the victim, community service, rehab, and […]

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But it Happened at YOUR House!

by RyanD December 2, 2013 Personal Injury

Having a friend or guest get injured at your home or on your property can be a traumatizing experience, leaving you with questions about your own responsibility in the ordeal. But while you may believe that it was nothing more than an accident, the laws regarding medical payments and insurance claims may actually make you […]

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Law School Technology Tips

by RyanD December 2, 2013 Law Blog

As expected, attending law school in pursuit of my JD was one of the most difficult times of my life. Between hours spent scouring legal texts, to discussions in class that tested the limits of my knowledge, I found myself often struggling to continue. But while the process of becoming a lawyer may have been […]

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Why Water Damage Coverage is Important

by RyanD November 3, 2013 Property Law

Water damage in the home can be expensive, and often leaves homeowners devastated as they end up with costly repair bills. If you have flood insurance, you may think you are protected from water damage: unfortunately, these policies only cover a small spectrum of water damage problems. Many homeowners and renters do not realize that […]

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My DUI nightmare

by RyanD October 26, 2013 Law

It had been maybe fifteen minutes since my last drink. My friends were getting a little restless at the party and I was deeply regretting volunteering to be the designated driver. My house was only a few miles away, and since everyone parked their cars there I didn’t have to make multiple stops. I had […]

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