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The Utterant Comic: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

by The Utterant November 4, 2013 Blawg

A comic about the inventor of the duty of care in negligence… drawn by the Utterant. The Utterant’s legal cartoons are published every Monday here and at

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New IP Court gets its own name wrong, doesn’t notice

by The Utterant October 31, 2013 Law

This month the Patents County Court was renamed the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. The name has been questioned as not quite making sense, and sounding like something from Star Trek. Apparently, someone at the court tried to inject a little more sense into the name when making the stamps, because they don’t quite follow what the […]

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The Utterant Comic: Legal Custom

by The Utterant October 28, 2013 Law

    A note for lawyers fighting for change – don’t prune too far! For legal cartoons published every Monday see

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The Utterant Cartoons: Service Not Included

by The Utterant October 25, 2013 Law

    The Utterant is a solicitor and legal cartoonist. Updates every Monday here and on (RSS available). Click here to see the commentary post  

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