Why register an international company in Cyprus?

by theodion September 6, 2012 Corporate Tax

Forming international companies elsewhere on the globe has become a common trend nowadays to increase revenue and profits. Moreover, that’s not the only aim. Reaching customers is also extremely important and therefore, it’s important to make services easily available to them and increase consumer base for company offerings. An international business company in Cyprus (Cyprus […]

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The Advantages of Having a Cyprus Shelf Company

by theodion May 29, 2012 Enterprise Investment Scheme Advice

Cyprus is a well-known finance center and it is popular for its tax regime and double tax treaties. It offers an attractive destination that is suitable for investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Numerous people look into the various ways with which they can invest in Cyprus. It is notable that there are several means to make […]

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Cyprus: A Great Tax Haven and International Tax Planning Destination

by theodion May 25, 2012 Tax Planning

A recent piece of research that has been conducted by KPMG has revealed that Cyprus is considered as one of the friendliest offshore tax havens located in Europe. Similar to Switzerland and Ireland, there is transparency in the tax structures of Cyprus. Also, it is one of the places that flaunt the highest percentage of […]

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