Tim Bishop

How To Deal With Business Partnership Disputes

by Tim Bishop February 8, 2014 Business Law

Going into business with a partner can be a daunting experience, as there are bound to be a number of complex questions running through your head. How well will you work together? What if you find out you have different ways of doing things? What happens if something goes wrong or the business relationship breaks […]

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How Does ‘No Win No Fee’ Actually Work?

by Tim Bishop January 7, 2014 Clinical medical negligence

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to take legal action against a company or an individual, your first thought may be, “how am I going to pay for this?” Court cases and claims can be incredibly stressful and daunting, and the thought of financial worries on top of this does put […]

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Contesting A Will In The UK: What Do You Need To Know?

by Tim Bishop November 28, 2013 Wills

When you make a will, you are deciding what will happen to your assets once you’ve died, but it isn’t always as clear cut as that. In certain situations, UK wills can be challenged or ‘contested’ [contesting a will is also known, especially amongst lawyers, as “contentious probate”]. Here’s a brief guide on who can […]

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Things To Consider When Filing For An Armed Forces Divorce

by Tim Bishop November 25, 2013 Military Law

Filing for divorce – both the physical process and the emotional pain – will probably be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever experience in your life, and with around half of all marriages currently ending in divorce, unfortunately it is more common than you might think. If you or your spouse is in […]

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How To Extend A Lease

by Tim Bishop November 22, 2013 Property

If you own a leasehold flat, you own the right to live there – but only until your lease expires. So how long is your leasehold? If it’s a relatively short lease or if you want to attract future buyers, you can extend your lease. But how do you know if you’re even eligible? How […]

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Caudia Equina Syndrome and claiming medical negligence compensation

by Tim Bishop October 15, 2013 Medical Law

Just below the lowest point of the spine there is a bunch of nerve endings called the Caudia equina ( latin for ‘horse tail’). When these nerve fibres are squeezed caudia equina syndrome (CES) can result which can be triggered by a number of points, for example: • The main disc experiences a prolapse • […]

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Health and safety – the risks posed by forklift trucks

by Tim Bishop October 10, 2013 Claims Solicitors

There is extensive health and safety regulation surrounding the use of forklift trucks as well as numerous guidelines provided from the Health and Safety Executive. Employers also receive a great deal of support from trade organisations such as the National Plant Operators Scheme and the Industrial Truck Trainers. Given all of this guidance combined with […]

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Can I make a professional negligence claim against my financial advisor?

by Tim Bishop September 8, 2013 Professional Negligence

Due to the high numbers of financial services and investment opportunities on offer in the market place today, many people choose to use the services of a financial adviser -often an independent financial adviser or IFA, though some preferred to stick with advisers who are tied to a particular financial institution or bank – which […]

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Equestrian accident claims for compensation

by Tim Bishop August 23, 2013 Claims Solicitors

Horse riding is a hugely popular activity enjoyed by millions of people each year in the United Kingdom. It is also inevitably, involving as it does a large, unpredictable animal, a far from risk-free activity. Most of the people who engage in equestrian activities are aware, from training or experience, of those risks and take […]

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The service charge explained (property law)

by Tim Bishop August 9, 2013 Property Law

Freeholders are legally obliged to maintain their leasehold properties, the costs of which are generally then recovered in the form of a service charge from the leaseholders. However, such charges often cause arguments, with some landlords charging unfair amounts which leaseholders are reluctant to pay. Tenants with a short lease will usually have the cost […]

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