The Complete Process of the US Criminal Justice System

by zizinya March 8, 2013 Criminal Law

(US law) The criminal justice system can be complicated and confusing. If you have been charged with a crime, you will require the representation of an experienced criminal law attorney. As you prepare to meet with your attorney, it will help to understand the fundamental stages of the criminal justice system: Criminal Investigation Typically, Law […]

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Alternative Sentencing to Jail & Fines

by zizinya March 7, 2013 Criminal Law

(US law) In the face of overcrowded facilities, underfunded local, state, and federal institutions, and non-rehabilitative prison systems, alternative sentences have become a popular and highly publicized movement. Innovative judges working with both prosecutors and defenders have recently enforced some nontraditional punishments. Despite the best intentions, some forms of alternative sentencing may in fact be […]

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Arrested? Know Your Rights

by zizinya March 7, 2013 Arrest

(US criminal law) It just makes good sense to understand your legal rights in the event that you are ever arrested. It’s especially important that you understand your Miranda Rights. If you’ve been arrested or fear that an arrest is imminent, you will need the professional representation of an experience criminal law attorney. What Constitutes an Arrest? […]

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US Laws: Obtaining a Green Card Through Employment

by zizinya March 7, 2013 Immigration Law

(US immigration considerations) Getting a green card is often a task that an individual undertakes on their own, but there is actually another process in which a person can get a green card in connection with an employment opportunity. Employers can actually petition the government for a green card on behalf of an immigrant if […]

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Sealing a Juvenile Criminal Record

by zizinya March 2, 2013 Criminal Record

(US criminal law) If you have any convictions on your record that you received as a juvenile, you may be able to wipe them away by seeking to seal, or expunge, those convictions. Sealing juvenile court records is great in that it will allow you to tell such people as landlords, employers or licensing agencies […]

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Gun Laws: Know Your Rights

by zizinya March 1, 2013 Criminal Law

Laws don’t change just because you have a gun. Citizens of the United States have a right to own guns, and while there are restrictions, gun owners have rights when being accused of a crime as well. In most cases, licensed gun owners are allowed to use a gun for self-defense, some recreational purposes and […]

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Domestic Violence: How are Charges Filed?

by zizinya February 21, 2013 Assault

(US law) Sometimes a domestic violence victim decides that they would prefer not to press charges. In some states, however, that decision is made solely by a prosecuting attorney. Though a prosecutor may take the wishes of a victim into account, the ultimate decision to charge a domestic violence suspect is usually determined by the […]

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Self Representation: Does it Make Sense?

by zizinya February 19, 2013 Criminal Law

Criminal law procedures and sentencing guidelines are difficult for a novice to understand. That’s why it almost always makes good sense to retain an experienced criminal law attorney to represent you when your freedom is on the line. Yet there are a few instances when self-representation may make sense. Self-Representation Many defendants choose to represent […]

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Crimes Involving Alcohol

by zizinya February 19, 2013 Criminal Law

(Guest post re US criminal law) When people drink too much alcohol, it adversely affects both their physical and mental functions. In many cases, they often do things that they would not otherwise do including breaking the law. While most alcohol-related crimes are classified as misdemeanors, some of them can be quite serious and even […]

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The Consequences of Embezzlement

by zizinya February 17, 2013 Criminal Law

Embezzlement is one of the most notorious types of theft punishable by law. The name alone conjures up images of high-profile bankers executing clever schemes to make off with millions in ill-gotten gains. The reality, however, is that embezzlement is a crime that can range from a minor incident to a massive conspiracy. Regardless of […]

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