Tips for Creating Share-Worthy Content in Niche Blogging

by Legal Author on July 12, 2012

We are pleased to welcome a guest blogger, Lauren Bailey, as she pens a blog post outlining tips for creating share-worthy content in niche blogging. While not written from a purely legal perspective this should be helpful advice for legal bloggers and any other bloggers looking to improve the content published on their blogs.

Niche blogging can be a tricky trade. While we want our blogging topic to be narrow and specific, it can often feel like we’re stunting our potential audience. Moreover, with so many blogs available on the web, it can be difficult as a niche blogger to really make waves and gain recognition in the blogosphere. In many ways, the blogging game has been reduced to SEO games and web traffic statistics. While these elements of blogging are important, they overlook the fundamental elements of the practice—the content. The most vital rule to creating a successful blog is creating content that people want to read. Just as we were told time and time again in grade school and on college term papers, it’s not about how you sell it, it’s about what you sell. Blogging should be about the material you create for your readers, not the material you create for Google.

Rather than over-focusing on matters of search engine optimization and web traffic numbers, let’s take a look at the way in which we create our content. If your blog is focused solely around one niche such as law it is important that you find new and unique ways to present your content. With a narrow niche (certainly not a bad thing at all!), it is important to add variety to your blog in the areas of formatting, voice, and perspective. Consider these unique formats to showcase your quality content.

Pillar Articles

Pillar articles are the building blocks of a strong and successful blog. These articles are things that readers want to read—they provide vital information that readers within your target audience are seeking. It is essential that these articles provide well-written and well-researched information that readers can use as reference guides. Of course, as bloggers, we feel that all of our content and articles are important—and they should be. Everything we write and publish on our blog serves its purpose, but it is the pillar article that sets the framework for your blog and your readership. Readers will return to these specific articles time and time again for guidance. Pillar articles often organically generate traffic from search engines and social networks because they consist of information and topics people are interested in reading and knowing.

Current Events and News

Creating content based on current events and news within your blogging niche is a wonderful way to gain more traffic and improve your blog. Bloggers become successful by establishing themselves as authorities on the topic at hand. By reporting on current events and news in your blogging area, you will demonstrate authority and timeliness. Though it will take some time to build your reputation as the source for breaking news, this can be a wonderful way to gain a wider readership on your blog. People will eventually turn to your blog first for news in the law community. Follow news feeds, develop relationships with other experts, and stay connected with your niche community.

New Voices and Perspectives

While many bloggers like to keep their content as solely their own, inviting new perspectives and voices can be very important. Open up your blog to other bloggers in the web as well. Of course, when accepting guest posts for you blog you should evaluate the blogger carefully—make sure that they produce content that is actually useful to audience. While you should remain an authority on your blogging niche, you don’t want to become a dictator. Inviting other perspectives can demonstrate an openness and attention to fairness. Many readers appreciate reading differing point of views and opinions on a topic. This is a wonderful way to open up discussion with your blog and generate a more active and acute community. Consider conducting interviews from other experts in your field. By allowing a variety of voices within you blog, you create a completely unique and engaging environment. Discourse is always a positive thing in blogging.

Lauren Bailey is a freelance blogger who loves writing about education, new technology, lifestyle and health. As an education writer, she researches and contributes to a guide to online colleges and welcomes comments and questions via email at blauren 99

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