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Genericide in the 21st Century: Overexposure of the Modern Brand

by ASchlossberg February 10, 2015 Blawging

“Every brand has at its core a substance that gives it strength.”[1] In the 21st century, the reality is that companies are being penalized for their success with certain products. Genericide occurs when a brand no longer denotes its origin, but rather is used to refer to a whole category of products. Yo-yo, Escalator, and […]

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Depositions: A New Direction for New York

by ASchlossberg February 9, 2015 Administrative Law

Depositions: A New Direction for New York New York is making a significant change on the deposition front. A new deposition rule for the New York Commercial Division is on the horizon. Effective April 1, 2015, under Administrative Order 336a/14, New York courts will enact Rule 11-d of Section 202.70(g) per a December 22, 2014 […]

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Personal Injury Law Firms Urged to ‘Adapt or Die’

by Matthew Waterfield December 5, 2013 Accident Claims

Several recent news stories indicate that personal injury law firms are not adapting quick enough to the need for new forms of marketing to replace sources of cases lost due to the referral fee ban of April 2013, despite the fact that they have money to invest. These firms could be placing themselves at risk […]

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wants to Hear from Consumers about their Bad Experiences with Debt Collectors

by Adam J Krohn November 14, 2013 BigLaw

Many people have bad experiences with debt collectors and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear about them.  They are preparing to update the rules that govern how debt collectors communicate with borrowers and they are seeking information from both debt collection companies and consumer advocates to help them prepare the new rules.  […]

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What All Businesses Need to Know about Security

by edralyn October 3, 2013 Business

What All Businesses Need to Know about Security You worked hard to grow your business, and now you’re overseeing a store or office full of employees. Securing your equipment, revenue, and information is probably first and foremost on your list of priorities. So how important is business security? According to the FBI, a burglary is […]

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Building a business outside of London

by billnixon August 15, 2013 Business

London and the south-east are undeniably the beating business heart of the UK, but that does not mean that cities elsewhere in the country are not a valuable part of that same economic circulatory system. If London is the heart, then the major economic centres of the north-west – including Liverpool and Manchester – are […]

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Am I talking to the right people?

by LawFirmNetwork May 20, 2013 Blawg

This is a question that I often ask myself ahead of a meeting. Try to avoid having to ask yourself the question half way though a meeting though. The Apprentice candidates on the BBC demonstrated brilliantly, the other week, how you can have a very busy diary, having wonderful conversations…… but with the wrong people.  People […]

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Not everything always goes to plan.

by LawFirmNetwork May 7, 2013 Blogging

Did I or didn’t I cut the grass I hear you ask?  Well I did, but not when I had expected or planned to do it. I had expected for Saturday morning to be the day to do it, but the weather took a different view on that. Not just a bit of rain, but […]

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Everything You Need To Know About the California Lemon Law

by ccalacar09 May 1, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

The California lemon law is the common name of the Song–Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. It is a law that has been put in place to protect consumers who have purchased consumer items with a warranty. The basic essence of the lemon law is that if a consumer has purchased an item, and it cannot conform […]

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2013 driver log requirements

by Cameron Tyler April 3, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

The trucking and transport industry is planning for a major overhaul due to new EOBR laws. While the bill for new logbook requirements and drivers’ records is determined to go into full affect by 2015, the kinks of the chain still need to be worked out. Drivers, business owners and EOBR manufacturers each have their […]

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Helping Ease Divorce Tensions: Why Lawyers Should Partner With Life Coaches

by gclatworthy March 28, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

Divorce is more than just a legal proceeding, it is an emotional roller coaster combined with court dates and legal documents. Divorce attorneys know how difficult it can be to have two people in the same office that feel nothing but contempt for each other. They also know how devastated their clients can be, especially […]

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How Attorneys Can Network More Easily – And Increase Their Profitability

by CLLAInforms March 28, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

To succeed at many law firms, attorneys need to promote their skill set — and land new clients. Firms expect, and regularly reward, attorneys for delivering regular work: A recent survey from Major, Lindsey & Africa and ALM Legal Intelligence found that the majority of attorneys–65 percent–said that bringing in business had the biggest effect […]

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Prompt Service: Is it the Key to Customer Loyalty?

by edralyn February 22, 2013 Business

Companies from every industry are constantly involved in determining the best ways to keep customers loyal and satisfied. Social media has made it easier than ever for information to travel quickly. This is both good and bad news if you’re a business owner. On one hand, if you can consistently deliver excellent service, word will […]

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Developing a Successful Successor for your Business

by edralyn February 22, 2013 Business

You’ve done a fantastic job of setting up your new business. You wrote a successful business plan, you gathered skilled partners, and won over smart investors. You’ve set up a successful business and you’ve decided that it’s time to move on. You’re not giving up on your business, but you’re ready to start the next […]

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Why Do I Need a Point-of-Sale System?

by edralyn February 7, 2013 Business

Is your business still using a cash register? If you’re not using a point-of-sale (PoS) system, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools for improving the efficiency and bottom line of your business. Some shy away from making the change because of the initial investment of time and money—but this is short […]

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Setting Client Expectations and Ending Bad Client Relationships: Two Valuable Skills to Help You Thrive

by edralyn January 28, 2013 Administrative Law

According to statistics from the Internal Revenue Service, a total of 148,390,000 tax returns were received last year. Visits to the IRS website have increased by over two percent, too. Despite the popularity of do-it-yourself programs such as Turbo Tax and Tax ACT, many Americans will ultimately decide that they need professional help, and many […]

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5 Ways to Increase Your Teaching Salary

by edralyn January 4, 2013 Business Development for Law Firms

Teaching is notoriously an underpaid career. Many teachers have difficulty living off of their salaries, especially in high-cost areas, and some just barely manage to stay afloat. However, if you’re having a tough time living off what you make, there are ways to make extra money and help yourself get ahead, if you just take […]

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Cloud Computing In Financial Sector and Legal System

by Lilly December 15, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Banks, financial organizations and law firms deal with a highly sensitive data that needs to be secured. Their customers provide them with important information that should never be leaked to anyone. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of the modern banking system. Secured data exchange is vital for the financial sector as money trading […]

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Avoiding bad decisions – strategic red flags

by knowledge4lawyers July 11, 2012 Business Development for Law Firms

Good leaders make bad decisions.  Good firms make wrong turns.  When things change, it often seems to be the most successful businesses which are the slowest to adapt.  I’ve just finished the Strategy module on my MBA and this is a topic which we debated at length. There is no doubt that things are changing […]

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Marketing a Criminal Law Firm Online

by Bill Kilpatrick June 12, 2012 Blawging

Many in the legal profession have yet to consider marketing their services online. Some do not fully understand the Internet’s role in how modern consumers shop for not only goods, but professional services as well. Other attorneys appreciate the Internet’s significance, if only because they realize competing firms are well positioned online. At the same […]

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Advances in interactive legal documents

by evolvedlegal April 30, 2012 Business Development for Law Firms

Tesco law – yes we have all heard of the threat to law firms from big companies with massive budgets and business know how but is there a bigger threat being largely overlooked ? The thing about legal services in general for things like wills, conveyancing, employment law and many other areas is that the […]

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SEO for Smaller Businesses in AL

by EarlBlack February 25, 2012 Business Development for Law Firms

Alabama offers its business owners with superb opportunities to do well at their line of work. The state of Alabama provides a rather enterprise-friendly environment which, apart from enjoying among the lowest taxation burdens upon smaller businesses, moreover rates extremely high regarding labor charges and state expenditure. Also, the legal along with tax systems in […]

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5 Reasons to Guest Blawg

by Legal Author September 13, 2011 Accident Claims

A key component of blogging, guest blogging is, as the term suggests, where a blogger writes as a guest on another blogger’s blog. While this may be obvious, it may not be apparent to some why guest blogging can be useful. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to increase your own or your […]

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Insuring The Contents of Your Business

by jdminvegas September 1, 2011 Business Development for Law Firms

As a business owner, you are probably very excited about where your company can go. If you have a small business now, you might dream about the days when you can have a large office building, hundreds of employees, and business trips to exotic locations. Even if your aspirations are to stay small, you probably […]

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How can law firms generate business online? SEO for lawyers

by Legal Author December 20, 2010 Business Development for Law Firms

As we come towards the end of recession, the main focus is changing from “how we can weather the storm” to “how we can develop more and more business”. Stephen Moore of CaseCheck discusses

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